Sophie Ludbrook

Australian supermodel of the year was a life changing experience. I say this without doubt. My time spent in Bali with my ASOTY family showed me incredible opportunities to learn, network and gain incredible friends. I learnt skills as a model that I wouldn’t have developed nearly as quickly in a different environment. Learning from other developing models and more experienced ones was a unique and rewarding situation to be in. I not only learnt from models but from stylists, professionals in business, photographers, designers, makeup artists – all of the members of a multi-faceted fashion team. Not only learning from these incredible people but developing life long relationships with them that are dear to me. My time in Bali motivated me and prepared me for my career in the industry but also for my life external to modelling. I am currently studying medicine and surgery, and to enter this intense degree with the determination and resilience I learnt whilst modelling has given me a leg up regarding my approach and ability to thrive in my studies. I cannot wait to return to Bali in 2020. To be a part of other models’ ASOTY journey, is a special opportunity. It is as always an absolute privilege to work with my dear friend Kal. He is a professional, fair and incredibly kind international professional that the competition is lucky to be run by. I look forward to seeing the new developments in the competition and direction it is going in.

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