Australian Supermodel of the Year 2019 included some of the craziest experiences of my life to date. Over the week of the competition, we practiced communication and initiative by organising shoots with the accompanying photographers, received tutoring from ASOTY’s life-coach, and we had an amazing time creating friendships and industry networks. During the final’s week, the judges acted as our mentors while analysing our professionalism, actions and personalities to determine the final scores.

On the day of the Grand Final, there was so much anticipation in the air. Having a particularly petite stature – 5 feet flat, this was my first time walking a runway as a model. I was out of my comfort zone but excited by the challenge, and the positive feedback I received afterwards from the judges was very insightful. When I was announced as the 2019 Fitness Australian Supermodel of the Year, I was humbled but also proud to demonstrate that diversity and modelling can complement each other.

I would 100% recommend ASOTY to any aspiring models and creatives, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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