Australian Supermodel of the Year 2020

Terms and Conditions of the Competition:

By participating in the Australian Supermodel of the Year competition, any of the categories, you hereby expressly agree to follow, respect and apply the rules and the regulations mentioned below.

The ‘entrants/ entrant/ contestant/ contestants/ applicant’ is anyone/ everyone who registers for the Australian Supermodel of the Year competition by submitting the online form and payment.

The ‘organiser’ is the Australian Supermodel of the Year, Super Model of the Year Worldwide and any partners approved by the company.

The ‘competition’ means any and all of the events/ programs/ activations/ promotions and categories of the the Australian Supermodel of the Year

A ‘Sponsored Contestant’ refers to all entrants/contestants who have secured a silver or gold sponsorship partner and have completed the sponsorship payment to Australian Super model of the Year.

Silver Sponsors ($500 AUD) will be featured as official sponsors on the ASOTY 2020 website and the sponsored contestant will be provided with content creation/promotion opportunities with official ASOTY 2020 photographers during the Grand Final period.

Gold Sponsors ($1000 AUD) will be featured as official sponsors on the ASOTY 2020 website and the sponsored contestant will be provided with content creation/promotion opportunities with official ASOTY 2020 photographers during the Grand Final period. In addition, a short video featuring the Gold sponsor with be produced with one of the ASOTY 2019/2020 winners.

Contestants’ Rules and Responsibilities

  1. All contestants to the Australian Supermodel of the Year must be at least 14 years of age as of 26th of December 2019 ( Different age requirements apply to each category . Please refer to the Categories section of the COMPETITION page of the ASOTY website ) . They also must be residents/ or citizens of the country they are applying from at the moment of registration, and at the time of the Grand Final of the competition. The Entrant must be a naturally born genetic female if entering the Fashion, Curve, Fitness ( Female ), Influencer ( Female ) or Artist ( Female ) categories or born genetic male if entering the Fitness ( Male ) Influencer ( Male ) or Artist ( Male ) categories of the Australian Super Model of the Year.
  2. All contestants must not have posed nude, for any photographs, professional or amateur, or film in any capacity whatsoever.
  3. All contestants will be subject to a non-refundable registration fee of 100 AUD payable via PayPal to the Australian Supermodel Of The Year or an approved payment partner account ( through the website only ).
  4. The applicant understands that the entry fee is non-refundable, even if the entry will not pass the initial approval process after the registration.
  5. Contestant warrants that she or he has made all necessary disclosures and has answered all the questions on the application form completely, honestly, and accurately (i.e. about age, gender, contact information, previous experience etc.).
  6. Contestant also warrants that she or he is not under contract with any person, firm, agency or corporation that would prevent or hinder her/ or his appearance or participation in the Australian Supermodel of the Year competition. ( Models signed with agencies can apply )
  7. Contestant also confirms that he or she will promote, participate in events and endorse all sponsors and partners of the event as part of their duties and responsibilities leading up to and during the event as advised by the organiser.
  8. The entry fee is payable with the completion of this electronic entry form. Under no circumstances will any refunds be made. Within 7-15 days from the registration, the successful contestant will receive an email confirmation of his/her approval to pass to the local auditions level. When approved, the photos and basic information (first name and first letter of their surname ) will be added to website under Entrants.
  9. English is the official language of the Australian Supermodel of the Year. It is a requirement for delegates to speak English.
  10. The contestant agrees to release her/ his right to make any press/online releases whatsoever, without the consent and written/email approval of the Organisers prior to any press/online releases.
  11. The contestant is responsible for all transportation to and from the local auditions venue, may it be for judging, rehearsals or when she/ or he is needed by the organisers. Only the flight from and back to Select ( International ) airports to the international location of the Grand Final, for the ‘Sponsored’ finalists ( contestants who pass the National Final/ Auditions ), will be covered by the organisers.
  12. If a finalist is chosen as the winner, and relinquishes this position for any reason, all prizes must be returned in full and in the condition received.
  13. The contestant accepts that the decisions of the judges are final. No correspondence will be entered into. Contestants agree that the contest judges’ decisions on all matters relating to the Australian Supermodel of the Year are final, absolute and binding.
  14. The contestant will not be permitted to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke or use any inappropriate language at any time during the course of their involvement in Australian Super Model of the Year . The contestant agrees to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout the competition. No intimate behaviour between any contestants and/or associates of Australian Supermodel of the Year will be tolerated. Any such behaviour can be subject to immediate disqualification of the contestant from the competition.
  15. All contestants under 18 years, as of the Grand Final period, must be accompanied at all events, including the Grand Final, by a parent or legal guardian, or otherwise submit a valid document proving their parents allow them to travel and participate in the event on their own. The parent/ parents or legal guardian/ guardians will bear their own costs for all expenses including travel and accommodation.
  16. Parents/ Guardians of the contestant shall abide by all rules of this competition and will not get involved in arguments, fighting, disruption or interfere in any program or event in this competition, start or participate in any Crimen Injuria against the contestants, judges, organisers, presenters, sponsors, crew,, or any organisation or individual involved in this competition, or make false accusations of any sort to any person.
  17. Contestants will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, Australian Supermodel Of The Year staff, sponsor representatives, hosts, ASOTY crew or anyone else involved with or connected to the competition. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against the mentioned, will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and legal charges. Contestant also understands that if she/ he/ they have a problem, she/he/they are obligated to discuss the problem with the organisers first as first approach.
  18. Any contestant found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums, social networking sites or any other public domain will be immediately disqualified with a penalty of AUD $1000 followed by legal action.
  19. A Contestant, or any individual related to a Contestant, must not approach Judges with the intent to influence or harass. Action of this type will be reported to the organisers of the Australian Supermodel of the Year competition, and be reason for disqualification of the contestant from the competition with a penalty of AUD $1000 followed by legal action.
  20. All pictures and videos taken during the course of the Australian Supermodel of the Year are the property of Australian Supermodel Of The Year, and by signing this contract, you agree to release any right even in case of disqualification.
  21. All pictures and videos taken during the course of the Australian Supermodel of the Year will only be used for the Australian Supermodel of the Year and its partners/ sponsors/ media purposes and will not be distributed to any third party.
  22. The Local Auditions schedule for each city will be announced by 8th of November 2019. All contestants will have to make sure to be present at the time and venue, or otherwise they will be disqualified. Australian Supermodel Of The Year reserves the right to change the time and venue up to 48HRS before the auditions, and will notify all the contestant up to 24 hours before the competition. Contestants passing the local auditions will be notified via e-mail/ and or whatsapp, by the end of December 2019. Auditions may be held online through skype/ video calls in the event that the announced location is cancelled due to weather, minimum number of applicants is not reached or any other unforeseeable circumstance.
  23. If selected for the Grand Final, you must have a valid passport to travel abroad and must be present at the Selected Airport on time. Missing the flight will be an instant disqualification. The organisers will provide ‘sponsored’ Grand Finalists with flight tickets, accomodation and meals during the time of the Grand Final. The organisers will provide un-sponsored Grand Finalists with accomodation & meals, for the time of the Grand Final. Failing to show up on time at the airport, and missing the Grand Final will result in a penalty fee of $1000 AUD, to cover a part of admin costs/ room and other associated cancellation fees. The Grand Final contestants will be responsible for following the rules of the competition mentioned above ( and circulated during the course of the completion ), and will be responsible for their own health and safety. All contestant qualified for Grand Final should inform the organisers of any health issues, allergies, or other personal issues that might cause them physical or mental distress during the international trip.
  24. Contestants of all ages should not be consuming alcohol, or under the influence of alcohol, or smoking whilst attending the competition related events, including the workshops, photo shoots, rehearsals and the Grand Final. Consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  25. All grand finalists will be given a copy of the itinerary for the duration of the contest. It is the contestant or their guardians responsibility to ensure all event/ meeting/ workshop/ appearance/ photoshoot/ promotion times are adhered to. Australian Supermodel Of The Year cannot be held responsible should you miss an activity, transportation or meal due to lateness. Should you miss the meals/ meeting/departure due to poor timekeeping, it will be your own responsibility to arrange alternative means of transport/ meals at your own expense. In circumstances that the transport arranged by the organisers should depart with your belongings on board, it is again your responsibility to arrange collection of these items and Australian Supermodel Of The Year will not be responsible for any costs or administration involved in doing so.
  26. All grand finalists should not bring counterfeit goods or fake designer items with them, or any other illegal items/substances to the Grand Final. Should any finalists/guardians be stopped and retained by customs or authorities upon the international travel to the Grand Final, this is the responsibility of the finalist/guardians and not Australian Supermodel Of The Year and failure to compete in the contest for this reason will not be valid reason for any refund whatsoever and alternative travel/accommodation arrangements will have to be made at the expense of the finalist/guardians and not in any way the responsibility of Australian Supermodel Of The Year.
  27. Your belongings are your own responsibility, and if left unattended at any point this is at your own risk.
  28. Contestants proved to have deliberately damaged, stolen, or hindered other contestant/ event partner/ sponsor belongings will be instantly disqualified from the competition.
  29. All specified outfits required for the contest are your own responsibility, including transport, care and purchase. Failure to bring the correct outfits may mean you will not be able to participate in that particular round and therefore not judged in that category. Only for some of the photoshoots/ videos/ events, outfits will be provided by the organisers and will be announced prior.
  30. Failure to take part in the contest due to injury, sickness or any other reason whatsoever, will unfortunately not be reason for either full or partial refund on any costs incurred.
  31. Australian Supermodel Of The Year reserve the right to alter any timings noted in the contest schedule and itinerary. Any such changes will be made clear to finalists via e-mail/ and or whatsapp.
  32. Contestants agree to notify the organisers of any changes of address, telephone number or email address in the lead up to the contest and for the period following their participation.
  33. The main form of contact in the lead up to the competition will be via e-mail. Finalists/guardians agree to check their email account on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of any changes and updates. The main form of updates and communication during the Grand Finals will be through WhatsApp Groups.
  34. The chosen Australian Supermodel of the Year winners must allow a duration of a maximum of up to 3 months to receive her/his prizes/ gifts/ vouchers. By entering this competition, all contestants agree to promote all sponsors as per the organisers instructions including through social media, attending events, launches and posting brand content on your social media and allowing them to post it on their website and their social media ( instagram/ facebook/etc ) pages. This will continue with a year-long contract for select finalists to work with one or more brands as their brand ambassadors in exchange for their services/ products/ or gift vouchers. These contracts can be renewed at the end of the first year on mutual terms between the brand/sponsor and the finalist through the organisers only.
  35. ASOTY will choose to represent select finalists ( Models not represented by any Agency in those countries) in Australia and other countries as their Mother Agency. This will not apply to contestants who are already signed up with other Australian ( or respective country ) agencies.
  36. Select finalists will be signed as talent with ASOTY or a partner modelling agency in Australia/ Bali/ India/ China/ or Dubai or all of these countries ( and other countries added to the list when possible ) for a duration of two years to be renewed on mutual terms. The terms and conditions will be decided mutually.

    Australian Supermodel Of The Year

    The Australian Supermodel of the Year – Limitation of Liability and Responsibilities

    Australian Supermodel Of The Year agree to provide the finalists of the Australian Supermodel of the Year (all categories’ finalists):

    Flight to and from the international location of the Grand Final for one person ( sponsored contestants only ). These flights will be from Select Australian ( International ) airports only. And additional travel/ flights to the select ( International )airport will be borne by the finalist.

  37. Accomodation and three (3) meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for one person (the contestant) during the Grand Final. Only meals stated in the contestant itinerary are included. Any meals not listed will need to be provided by the Contestants and will be at their own costs.
  38. The prizes:
    1. Paid annual contract offers with one or more partners for select winners and finalists valued at a total of AU$10000
    2. ASOTY Merchandise, Gifts and Gift Vouchers from Partners and Sponsors for winners and finalists worth AU$10000 in total
    3. Opportunity to get published in a lifestyle/ or fashion magazine for select finalists
    4. Cash Prizes of upto $10,000 AUD in total for upto 3 finalists who best support and promote the vision partners and their individual brand partner as judged by a dedicated Official ASOTY judging panel*
    5. Cash Prize for the Designer of the Year

    *Cash Prize for the Influencer of the Year

  39. The winners and runner-up in categories will receive an official certificate of their title as the winner/ runner-up of the Australian Supermodel of The Year 2020 competition, for particular category.
  40. One of the category winners/ finalists will be selected to be the overall ASOTY title holder.

All contestants under 18 years, at of the start of the Grand Final, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or provide a document from parent/legal guardian allowing them to travel and take part in the Grand Final alone.

The parent or legal guardian will bear their own costs for all expenses including travel and accommodation.

Personal spending money for the duration of the Grand Final is not provided and is your own responsibility.

No explicit, nude or topless photos or videos will be allowed by the organisers of the competition. Swimsuit photoshoot is to be expected at the Grand Final.

Contestants are to purchase their own travel insurance policy for the entirety of the Grand Final event. A copy of this policy must be emailed to staff of Australian Supermodel of the Year prior to the contestant leaving the country.

Australian Supermodel Of The Year are not responsible for any loss of luggage or personal items. Relevant insurance for such incident is your own responsibility.

Should you choose to travel and sightsee the Grand Final destination in your free time ( Time marked as free on the ASOTY schedule ), when on the Grand Final trip, this is your own responsibility and at your own cost.

Tickets included in the package are non transferable and should not be sold on under any circumstances.

Any costs/ fines incurred for damage to any items or furnishings in your hotel room are to be covered at your own expense. Any finalists found to have damaged property in their hotel room/ transport/ during activities/ at venue will be disqualified from the competition.

Should the competition be cancelled for any reason outside of Australian Supermodel Of The Year control, such as acts of god, fire, adverse weather, unavailability of a venue, cancellation by a sponsor , etc., refunds for absolutely any costs incurred whatsoever are not available in either partial or full refund. Any monetary reimbursement should be sought from your own insurer if and where applicable.

Prevention of travel to international location for the Grand Final due to such events as acts of god, fire, adverse weather, hurricane, earthquake, terrorism attack, flooding, volcano, will result in cancellation of the competition. The contest will not be postponed and instead a selection via written application, photographs and telephone/skype interviews will determine the winners for 2020 and revised prizes will be issued in this circumstance.

Should the competition be cancelled due to force majeure, meaning any event or condition, not existing as of the date of this agreement, not reasonably foreseeable as of such date and not reasonably within the control of either party, which prevents in whole or in material part the performance by a party of its obligations hereunder or which renders the performance of such obligations so difficult or costly as to make such performance commercially unreasonable. Without limiting the foregoing, the following will constitute events or conditions of force majeure: acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, state or governmental action, embargoes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, power blackouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, volcanic action, strikes, lock-out, slowdowns, trade dispute or labour disturbance, acts of highways authorities, or any other major environmental disturbances, unusually severe weather conditions, acts or omissions of third parties beyond the control of the parties hereto.

If you have any concerns about the above rules of entry or the terms and conditions, please bring these to the attention of Australian Supermodel Of The Year Organisers prior to entry.

It shall be at the companies discretion as to whether or not any rules have been broken and you will be advised of this decision.

Australian Supermodel Of The Year reserve the right to add or amend these terms at any time. Finalists will be notified of any such changes as and when they occur. Any changes will be with immediate effect.

The decision of Australian Supermodel Of The Year ‘Organisers’ is final.


The finalists in this category will be expected to participate in all activities/ events/ workshops/ promotions along with all the models from other 3 categories.

The Influencers will also be judged on the quality of their content, engagement, reach, impact, uniqueness and contribution to local businesses/ communities.


Contestants of the Creatives/ Designers categories will not be required to participate in any modelling events or contests ( except as required by their respective categories )

Creatives will be judged on the basis of their work and deliverables during the entire period of the Australian Super Model of the Year finals. A brief along with a list of deliverables will be handed on the first day of the competition to the finalists.

Designers will be judged on the basis of their collections showcased at the Runway Night during the ASOTY finals. This category is a paid category. If selected, the designer will need to complete her/ his payments before the 25th of December 2019. All payments including the registration fee are non-refundable.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

By registering you agree to this contract (written and/or electronically) with the Australian Supermodel of the Year/ Supermodel Of The Year Worldwide.

You accept to apply and respect the rules and regulations of the entities. Any act considered fraudulent, or detrimental to the Australian Supermodel of the Year, partners, sponsors, crew, associates or the organisers will result in legal actions and immediate fine.


The Australian Supermodel of the Year ( ASOTY ) annual competition is organised by Australian Supermodel Of The Year PO Box 693 Walkerville South Australia, Australia 5081, in cooperation with Supermodel of The Year Worldwide ( SOTY ) & World of Jass ( WOJ ).

A Jeans Corporation Initiative