April 19th ‘2021: Successful Applications Update

The first list of successful applicants is out. If you haven’t received the Application Successful email from us, we have the second list going out on the 26th of April. If you have applied before the 19th of April 2021 and you don’t hear from us by the 26th, your application has, unfortunately, not been successful.

The non-approval of your application does not mean that you are any less a talent than the ones who made it. The approval process takes into account various factors including the potential in the current modelling industry, your alignment with the Asoty vision, etc., and depends on the number of registrations from your state, the category that you have chosen, etc. The modelling industry is vast and diverse. Just because you don’t get into a competition like ours, does not define who you are or who you can become. The whole purpose of Asoty is to remind each and every girl that she is beautiful, she is strong and she is enough.

Remember, the non-approval today is a part of your success story. Never give up.

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NEWS Updated on 1st of February ‘2021 Our philosophy, as a community, is to approach the Covid situation with empathy and care. It is our