Here are some helpful  tips to communicate with a sponsor.

Direct potential sponsors to the Australian Supermodel of the Year website and Social Media Pages page so that they can gain information on the  competition. The website will also contain your personalised profile which will help them to decide if and how they would like to sponsor you.

Confidence is key when contacting your potential sponsor. Tell them your hopes and dreams for the future & within the competition, and let them know that you are an investment to their  business!

Mention that you would like to help promote their business by  working on projects with them during the time of the competition or/ and in the  future. Organising a promotion for their business or a photo shoot can be a  great way of returning the favour. ASOTY can help you create content during or/ and after the finals for your brand partners depending on the level of Sponsorship.

Please include details of what is included in each package & review the sponsorship packages list with the sponsor. You can send these details to the sponsor so that they can have a full rundown of what their package includes. It is a great, unique way for them to market their business,  so please remember to make this clear to them. 

Be sure to remind all potential business sponsors that sponsorship  packages are tax deductible and they can claim this as a business expense.  On the previous post SPONSORSHIP LETTER TEMPLATE, we have put together a sample of something that you can send out to potential businesses to help you secure a great  sponsorship package.