Sophie Ludbrook
ASOTY 2019- Mainstream Winner
Australian supermodel of the year was a life changing experience. I say this without doubt. My time spent in Bali with my ASOTY family showed me incredible opportunities to learn, network and gain incredible friends. I learnt skills as a model that I wouldn’t have developed nearly as quickly in a different environment. Learning from other developing models and more experienced ones was a unique and rewarding situation to be in. I not only learnt from models but from stylists, professionals in business, photographers, designers, makeup artists - all of the members of a multi-faceted fashion team. Not only learning from these incredible people but developing life long relationships with them that are dear to me. My time in Bali motivated me and prepared me for my career in the industry but also for my life external to modelling. I am currently studying medicine and surgery, and to enter this intense degree with the determination and resilience I learnt whilst modelling has given me a leg up regarding my approach and ability to thrive in my studies. I cannot wait to return to Bali in 2020. To be a part of other models’ ASOTY journey,  is a special opportunity. It is as always an absolute privilege to work with my dear friend Kal. He is a professional, fair and incredibly kind international professional that the competition is lucky to now be run by. I look forward to seeing the new developments in the competition and direction it is going in.
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Carla Conlin
ASOTY- Curve Winner
Being part of ASOTY was a real game changer for me. I never even imagined modeling was an option for someone like me so was very passive about it. I came to realise that if I wanted to see more size diversity in the industry I had to stand up and be part of that change. ASOTY gave me the opportunity, confidence and tools to do so much more with my career and actually make a difference. I’ve been able to spread the message of body diversity in media interviews, on podcasts and at special events. It’s also helped me become more proactive about getting and creating modeling opportunities and given me the self belief to deliver.

Going to Bali for the finals was one of the best and most intense weeks of my life! I gained amazing friendships and mentors, got loads of professional images & content, had a once in a lifetime experiences, all in a summer paradise! Walking the final runway I actually discovered another side to myself and what I'm capable of. That week made me feel like an actual supermodel and was surrounded with the genuine support to embrace and own that. If you want to take your work seriously and reach new heights, all while hanging with awesome people in amazing locations, then ASOTY is for you!

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Nakita Williams
ASOTY 2019- Teen Winner
My experience with ASOTY started at the end of 2018. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for ASOTY not knowing that this competition changed my life forever. Being selected as the top 20 in Australia I felt nothing but joy. I was beyond exciting to be flown to Bali to show the world what I had. Meeting new people from all around Australia made my trip the best I have ever been on. People who were genuine people who cared and honestly just making friendships of a life time. Finding out on grand finale day I was the teen winner quite possibly made me the happiest girl ever. I have never felt so much happiness in my life. To be crowned the winner meant it was a step up on the industry and all I wanted to was to make my family and friends proud and I did that by even making into the top 20. I’m so incredibly thankful for all that were involved and to all that have made me who I am today. ASOTY has gained my confidence so much and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m very excited to see what ASOTY 2020 brings. I can’t wait to meet everybody and share bonds with people. I wish everybody luck and I can’t wait to see you all shine bright!
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ASOTY- Fitness Winner
Australian Supermodel of the Year 2019 included some of the craziest experiences of my life to date. Over the week of the competition, we practiced communication and initiative by organising shoots with the accompanying photographers, received tutoring from ASOTY’s life-coach, and we had an amazing time creating friendships and industry networks. During the final’s week, the judges acted as our mentors while analysing our professionalism, actions and personalities to determine the final scores.

On the day of the Grand Final, there was so much anticipation in the air. Having a particularly petite stature – 5 feet flat, this was my first time walking a runway as a model. I was out of my comfort zone but excited by the challenge, and the positive feedback I received afterwards from the judges was very insightful. When I was announced as the 2019 Fitness Australian Supermodel of the Year, I was humbled but also proud to demonstrate that diversity and modelling can complement each other.

I would 100% recommend ASOTY to any aspiring models and creatives, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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PJ van Gyen
ASOTY 2019- Male Winner
What can I say about my ASOTY experience? It was fun, crazy and exhilarating. All in all, It was nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

After becoming a national finalist I didn't know what to expect in Bali. I was super excited but also nervous. I didn't know the other contestants and was worried that it may be a hostile and overly competitive environment upon arrival.
I hadn't met the judges either and was worried about what they may think of me after a full week of getting to know me. Thoughts like maybe I wasn't the typical 'Supermodel' they were looking for or I'm not perfect enough. After arriving my concerns were very quickly washed away. All of the contestants were so welcoming and  just as excited I was to be there. As for the judges, they made it clear very quickly that they weren't looking for someone to be 'Perfect'. They wanted to get to know us for us. The essence of being a model isn't about being perfect, but about being real, being YOU and letting your qualities shine through.

The week was filled with amazing experiences, from day trips to beautiful locations to life coaching lessons and photoshoots. Despite always having fun we were always on task, every beautiful location was an opportunity to capture a beautiful picture, every interaction was a chance to learn and grow. By the end of the week we had become like a family and although we were there for a competition we all came away as winners.

I have made lifelong friendships through ASOTY and came home with a sense of purpose, I wouldn't trade my time away for anything and encourage anyone who wants to get into modelling to give it a go.

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