As an organisation, we are committed to working with companies that share similar values around the most important facets of our vision. A Presenting Partner at ASOTY is not just a financial commitment but a partnership with people moving towards similar overall gaols like sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity, etc.


We are grateful to those people, organisations, brand and businesses who believe, support and promote the ASOTY Vision unconditionally. Our Vision Partners do not expect anything in exchange or return from ASOTY. But we are committed to supporting their business, goals and vision as much as possible.


It is not possible to take forward a dream of transforming an entire industry without the support of like-minded brands and companies. Thank you for all your support. Our collaborations with brands and businesses are aimed at creating awareness and making the ASOTY vision a reality.


These are brands that we believe in and want to support. Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do at ASOTY. And through these brand partnerships, we aim to contribute in creating a better planet for us & for everyone else including all other species, and future generations.


Brands, businesses, companies, individuals and even family members & friends can sponsor and support ASOTY Entrants/ Finalists in their journey to win the ASOTY Diamond of the Year title.

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Links are provided below to Donate Directly towards Charities & Initiatives that we strongly and passionately believe in.