What assignments do we get points for?

Literally, everything.


We categorise every activity that is asked of you to complete as an “assignment” if it doesn’t fall under the workshops, promotions, events, online sessions, photoshoots, content creation, runway & other defined categories. For example, getting you to send us your BIO is an assignment and carries points. The same is true with registering yourself on the Resources Page.

Assignments will not be defined or listed. a few assignments might come up every now and then. Most of them are aimed at getting you good at “Getting Things Done”. And others at making your experience at Asoty a pleasant one.

As requested already, ‘trust the process’. Try to be the first one to complete any task/ assignment. If you have any doubts or questions about any of the instructions or assignments, please get in touch with the Asoty Crew. You can email us on hi@supermodeloftheyear.com or share in the WhatsApp Chat Group.

“Let us get things done.”