My name is Chantelle Lockett and I am one of the lucky finalists from 2017. This entire experience has been absolutely life changing for me. From the moment we landed we were bombarded with incredible opportunities and experiences such as working with world rebound photographers and staying in the stunning Puri Santrian. The team at Australian Supermodel Of The Year were so supportive and helped me gain further knowledge into the workings of the industry. I think this opportunity is one in a million and I am so humbled to have experienced it.

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The Australian Supermodel of the Year Bali trip was once in a life time experience. The people we got to meet and the places we were taken we’re just amazing. From experiencing traditional Balinese food and culture to shooting with high end photographers and creating top quality photos. Not only was the trip fun and exciting, getting to know the other contestants is something I will always remember and can’t wait to catch up with them in the future. I cannot thank everyone involved enough I had the trip of a lifetime!

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Australian Supermodel of the year was beyond words. The experiences not only myself, but the other contestants were apart of was incredible to say the least. In the space of a week we experienced 3 different resorts, worked with some of the best photographers/stylists in bali and had events with the royal family. Connections were made, laughs were had and we all gained new friends that have now become family.

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The Australian Supermodel Of The Year has been a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget the experiences I had and the people I met. Me, being a little girl from Tasmania, I felt quite out of my comfort zone, I thought an experience like this was not for me, but everyone was so easy to get along with. I am passionate about becoming a professional model and this experience showed me that I can do it if I put my mind to it. Through the competition, I had battles with anxiety and I pushed through it. I am extremely proud to say that I was named runner up in the teen section and I am excited to see what the future has in store.

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Australian Supermodel of the Year has been an unforgettable experience! Presented with a range of opportunities it really encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone! I’m incredibly thankful for the team for being so welcoming and supportive and making me who I am today! This trip is something I definitely won’t take for granted and I’m so glad I attended every second of it! Thankyou!

Oriana – Aya

Being a Grand Finalist for ASMOTY has been an experience and memory I will forever cherish close to my heart. I can’t express my greatest gratitude to Jess and the team for believing in me. I truly appreciate and value every person I met on my journey with the ASMOTY Team. I was given opportunities that would only happen once in a life time and received an enormous amount of exposure on an international level. I entered this competition to build myself as a person and came out stronger then ever. I have taken away so many attributes and met so many life long friends. That’s what it’s about, right ? ASMOTY will forever remain a major contribute behind my success and achievements that withhold me for the future. I can’t wait to continue to share my ASMOTY experience and from the bottom of my heart would like to Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to believe in Myself ❤️


On February 4th I boarded a plane and traveled to Bali with Australian supermodel of the year. Expecting a standard modelling event where the girls where more concerned about winning then making friends I was pleasantly surprised. Each day honestly took my breath away, the kindness, generosity and genuine care the team had was amazing, by the end of the trip they where not only very valuable mentors but many had become friends. Each person selected in the group to travel to Bali had such a unique look and personality and together we made an amazing team, many times I forgot that we where even competing as it honestly felt like each and everyone one of us had won. This experience has been like no other, I have met people that will shape who I am in the years to come, I have shot with some of the most talented and grifted photographers and videographers, and I have grown immensely from all the feedback gathered throughout the duration of the week. I can not praise this contest enough and would do it again in a heart beat!

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My name is Kartia, I was one of the lucky finalist to be able to go to Bali, it was the most amazing experience in my whole life, the team is lovely and super supportive and it’s a once in a life time opportunity, the life experiences iv been given on my trip in Bali has been once in a life time, I had the most fun and everyone I meet along the way will truly stay in my heart forever! the Australia Supermodel team are truly like a family!! Would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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