How Does It Work?

The Australian Supermodel of the Year Program has been modified for the year 2024. And it is important that you read through all these steps before applying.

Stage One of the Australian Supermodel of the Year program involves three essential steps. In the first step, participants complete the application process where they provide their basic information, recent photos, measurements and answer questions about their personality, passion and goals. This comprehensive application is then carefully reviewed also taking into account the candidate’s social media to determine their alignment for the program. The provided information undergoes a verification process to ensure its accuracy and authenticity. Once the verification is complete and the applicant is deemed suitable, it receives approval indicating that the candidate meets the initial criteria and can proceed further in the program.

Stage Two of the Australian Supermodel of the Year program comprises three significant steps. Firstly, candidates who have been approved in Stage One are invited for the auditions to tell us more about themselves and express their views through Q&A videos. This allows the program’s team to gain deeper insights into the candidates, understanding their goals, style and aspirations. The candidates who successfully pass the Q&A video stage are then invited to participate in live Zoom Auditions with the program’s team. These calls enable direct interaction helping the team to assess candidates’ understanding of the program, communication skills, and overall potential based on our requirements. After the auditions, the program’s team carefully evaluates all the candidates and selects the finalists. The announcement of the chosen finalists marks the first significant milestone in their journey towards becoming the Australian Supermodel of the Year.

Stage Three of the Australian Supermodel of the Year program encompasses six important steps. The finalists undergo an orientation process where they receive detailed information about the program’s expectations, rules and guidelines. This stage prepares them for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter throughout the program. The finalists participate in online classes conducted by industry professionals & experts covering various aspects of responsible modelling, creativity, content, self-love and the world of fashion. These classes enhance their skills and understanding of the industry. The finalists also engage in creative challenges that test their abilities and encourage them to push their boundaries. They collaborate with brands and industry professionals gaining practical experience, building their portfolio and expanding their network. Upon successful completion of the online program, the finalists receive a Certificate of Completion recognising their dedication, growth and accomplishments during their participation in the Australian Supermodel of the Year program.


This is the most awaited part of the Australian Supermodel of the Year program. A handful of selected finalists after the third stage are offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a ASOTY SELF-LOVE & SISTERHOOD RETREAT in Bali, Indonesia. This exclusive retreat allows this exclusive group of finalists to immerse themselves in the beauty of Bali while engaging in workshops, photoshoots and cultural activities. It serves as a platform for them to create lasting memories and form strong friendships with fellow finalists.

Before embarking on the Bali retreat, the finalists undergo comprehensive preparation to ensure they are fully prepared for the upcoming stages of the competition and ready to shine on the international stage.

Throughout the competition, a voting system will be incorporated this season allowing the public and industry professionals to participate and vote for their favourite finalists. This will add an element of excitement and public involvement to the program increasing the anticipation and support for the finalists.

One of the highlight events of the program is the Runway Night where the finalists have the opportunity to showcase their modelling skills on the runway. This highly anticipated event allows them to demonstrate their talent, confidence and charisma in front of a live audience and industry experts.

The journey culminates in the Asoty Awards Night, a prestigious event where the winners of the Australian Supermodel of the Year are announced and celebrated. This grand occasion recognises and acknowledges the achievements of the finalists marking the end of a transformative journey in their life.