How does it work?

Step 1


You will need to upload your basic information, your recent photos ( minimum of 2 ) plus your current measurements including your height, bust, waist, hips (in centimetres), your dress size, shoe size ( Euro Sizes ), etc. ...You will also need to reply some questions regarding your personality, passion and your goals in life. Please take your time with your application as this information along with your social media pages will be used to decide on the approval of your application, and your progress to the Candidate Level. You can apply in more than 1 category to increase your chances of getting selected for auditions. Remember that the maximum number of categories you can enter is only three. You will need to register for each category separately if you wish to do so. ( The basic information and photos provided at this stage will be used for your online profile on our website if you succeed to progress through to the Entrant level).Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before making the payment of AU$100 and completing the registration process.


Step 2
Approval of Application


The approval of your application depends on various factors including the information you have provided in your application about yourself, your goals in life, people who inspire you, things you would like to change in the world, the relevance of the category that you have applied in, etc....We also go through your social media pages to see what accounts you follow and what content you are posting. Points are given for everything and these will be added up at every stage as you progress through the competition. Once an application has been approved/ accepted through the registration stage, the selected candidates will be asked to make videos, and answer a few questions that we will send to them. We will then select and invite shortlisted Candidates to attend an audition through a Zoom video call. Auditions for ASOTY 2022 will be held online. So please make yourself familiar with Zoom interviews once you receive the Zoom Audition Invite. Our crew will take you through a briefing session before the one-on-one interviews. Before attending your audition you will also receive a detailed document to help you prepare yourself for the audition. Applications that don’t make it past the approval process will still receive access to select online training modules and a $50 online gift voucher from one of our partners or sponsors.

Step 3


All approved applicants ( Candidates ) will receive an invitation to attend online auditions along with the Zoom link after they have submitted their Audition videos. These videos may include your runway walking, answers to some of our questions and a video on why you want to join the ASOTY Program. ...Auditions are an opportunity for our team to get to know you better, understand your goals, your hobbies, your style & what you want to achieve through the ASOTY program. ( In case of on-ground auditions, though unlikely, the candidates may also take part in a quick photoshoot & showcase their runway abilities ). Successful candidates will gain entry into the Online Learning & Mentoring Program 2022 as Entrants. At this stage, Entrants will have to start finding individual sponsors who can support and help them in their ASOTY journey. Candidates that don’t make it past the audition process will still receive access to select ( Minimum of 4 ) online training modules.


Step 4


All entrants will be guided and mentored by the ASOTY Team for about 16 weeks through various online sessions covering most of the topics required to get better in the modelling, fashion, creative and influencer industries. ...Some of the mentors may also be available for one-on-one sessions on request. The entrants will be provided various opportunities to collaborate with and promote brands during this stage, and also be given various challenges ( mostly social content related like a dance or a dare or an Insta Takeover ) in order to score towards getting into the finals.

Step 5
Learning Sessions


The Entrants will attend online learning sessions over the next 4 months. Industry professionals and experts will be joining us during these sessions which are aimed at bringing the best first-hand experiences and expertise that can help you understand the modelling, fashion and influencer industries better. ...And help you plan your career and next steps with confidence. The entrants will be able to interact with successful models, model scouts, modelling agencies, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, life coaches, communication experts, social media gurus, self-love authors, designers and brand representatives. There will be a maximum of 12 learning sessions before we announce the list of Finalists who will go into the next stage of the competition and take part in the Grand Finals. All entrants would have benefitted immensely by this time through some extremely valuable interactions, teachings and experiences. It will be time for us to say Good Bye to the ones who couldn’t make it to the finals. Some of them will still get the opportunity to win a year long membership to select online sessions, possible collaborations with partner brands, mentoring and support. Select Entrants will receive their formal modelling contracts at this stage.


Step 6
Selection for Grand Finals


The list of finalists is traditionally announced online through Insta Live. The Finalists usually get to travel to Bali for the Grand finals and experience the soul and heart of the beautiful Balinese hospitality that we have so much cherished over the last decade. ...The selections for the finals are extremely competitive. Points are calculated right from the time you submit your application, interact with us during the auditions, attend the learning and mentoring sessions, etc. Points are also given for the way you communicate through your social media pages, and with other entrants. A lot of focus will be on understanding the future of modelling, inclusiveness, diversity and our responsibilities towards the communities we live in and the planet we call Earth. Sustainability is at the core of our vision and we would love to help you initiate the beautiful journey towards making this planet safer for us and future generations.

Step 7
Grand Finals


The chosen finalists will be informed and formally invited to the Grand Finals. If chosen, you will join other selected finalists to take part in the Grand Final Event in Bali, Indonesia. During your time on the famous island, you may again interact & learn from experts in the business of fashion & modelling, ...shoot with our partner brands & photographers, participate in workshops, experience some once-in-a-lifetime kind of activities, visit some of the island’s iconic tourist destinations, experience the culture & above all, create memories & friendships that will last a lifetime. The finalists will also possibly compete in an International Fashion Show. Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, we will be taking a call on holding the Grand Finals in Bali depending on the directives from respective governments, officials and partners. We would love to continue holding the Grand Finals in Bali if conditions allow, however, the Grand Finals may be held virtually or cancelled to ensure safety and well-being of everyone. Please keep following our Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates. We will also keep all applicants and entrants informed of all decisions taken by the ASOTY Team with regard to the Grand Finals in Bali.