Revathi S

Revathi s
  • NameRevathi S
  • Representing VIC
  • CategoryCurve
  • Age 25
  • Height166
  • Bust(cm) 89
  • Waist77
  • Hips 104
  • Dress 9-12
  • Shoe 7
  • Eye colourBROWN
  • Hair colourBLACK

About Me

My friends would describe me as a ball of energy and emotions! I’m someone who loves to try new things , be spontaneous, and be constantly busy and on the move. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’ve got a bit of fire in me, but also can be quiet, depending on the situation. I’m a people person but I definitely go off the vibes of those around me. I’m someone who is extremely loyal, and I really value that in a person, as as well as manners, care, and basic decency!

My Goal In Life

I just want to be happy! As I’ve gotten older, my idea of success and what I want to achieve has changed. In terms of a job, I’d love to be in the fashion world, either as a model or before the scenes with styling or directing shoots, or in advertising.

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