Orla S

  • NameOrla S
  • Representing VIC
  • Category Fashion/ Runway
  • Age 22
  • Height175
  • Bust(cm) 82
  • Waist65
  • Hips 98
  • Dress 8
  • Shoe 9
  • Eye colourHAZEL
  • Hair colourDARK BROWN

About Me

I’m a very motivated, bubbly and positive person. I love to spread positive, kind energy and I always notice the good in people. I am deeply passionate about all animals and the well being of the environment. I try to do the best I can at looking after the earth and the animals and people on it. I’m a creative person and I love sharing my thoughts and feelings through art, film, photography and storytelling. I also believe in taking care of yourself and your body. We are lucky to be given the body we have so we should nourish it and take care of it just like we should nourish and take care of our minds. I’m the type of person who wants to be the best I can be. I love trying new things and expanding my mind and my abilities.

My Goal In Life

My main goal is to be happy and make the people around me happy. But I have many personal goals as well. I want to live my life knowing that I have done everything I want to do, I have worked hard, I have been present and I have enjoyed all the ups and downs. Some goals include: Making my own films, getting my yoga instructor certificate, getting back into taekwon-do and getting my black belt, work for an animal or climate change charity and maybe one day create my own one, help make my mum’s online ethical and sustainable activewear store successful, travel the world, learn how to edit videos and photos into stunning pieces of art, gain more acting and modelling work, influence the world to be better and so much more. I’m passionate about so many things so I want to try my best at all the things I love and see where they take me. I don’t believe in having a set path for my life because things are always changing. As long as I do what I love and be around people I love, I will be happy.

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