Hazel M

Hazel M
  • NameHazel M
  • Representing VIC
  • Category Curve
  • Age 30
  • Height170.18
  • Bust(cm) 106.68
  • Waist 88.9
  • Hips 116.84
  • Dress 14
  • Shoe 8
  • Eye colour BROWN
  • Hair colour BROWN

About Me

I am originally from Kenya and now call Australia my home. I am passionate and driven. I embrace new experiences and strive to keep learning and growing. Last year, after working as a lawyer for 6 years, I decided to pursue my passion for modelling and acting. Since then I have learned to love my body unconditionally and encourage women around me to do the same. At the moment my goal in life is to put out as much positive energy into the world in everything i do..

My Goal In Life

I would love to take my experiences to new heights in whatever form that could be. I want to see more curvy dark skin women in all mainstream advertising, film and television. I want to be a part of that movement.