Annalise M

Annaliese m
  • NameAnnalise M
  • Representing QLD
  • Category Commercial / Editorial / Social
  • Age 23
  • Height 170
  • Bust(cm) 81.28
  • Waist 63.5
  • Hips 86.36
  • Dress 6
  • Shoe 7
  • Eye colour GREEN
  • Hair colour RED

About Me

Hi there, I’m a model and actress who has been in the industry for 6 years professionally. My love for this activity called ‘Cosplay’ made me realise I was comfortable in front of a camera (It’s a pretty geeky hobby in which you create costumes of your favourite characters and become them at conventions). I am also a qualified primary school teacher, gymnastics coach and avid animal lover (I own 2 chickens and a lizard). I’m passionate about veganism and I have a strong connection to the earth.

My Goal In Life

myself and my strengths, this is a goal still in progress, and still a lot more I want to achieve.Professionally ,To be successful in my chosen career, stay happy and make a difference.

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