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Absolutely, yes. Signing up for ASOTY does not change your agency status in any way. Most of our past entrants have been agency signed models and they are continuing with their agencies even after competing in the ASOTY program. 


The maximum categories that you can register for is 3. You will need to submit a separate application for each of the categories. We do not advise applying for more than one category unless you are competing in a popular category like runway or commercial. Due to a large number of applications in Runway and Commercial categories, the additional registrations act like a back-up plan. 

Please email us on requesting for “Entry Fee Sponsorship’. 

Please note that alignment with the ASOTY Vision and your 100% commitment is the foundation on which we approve any applications.

The registration process is very simple and can generally take about 15-30 minutes to complete. Please click on REGISTER HERE and complete the online Application Form. You will need your measurements, 3 photos and some basic information to complete this form. Our team will be happy to help if you have require any assistance. Please DM us on our official Instagram page @australiansupermodeloftheyear or email us on

Most of the activities including the auditions and online workshops will be scheduled on holidays and on weekends ( with some exceptions). 

ASOTY is a modelling competition designed like a learning & mentoring platform. The entrants are able to learn & earn points throughout the journey.  These points help them in progressing through the various stages of the competition. And eventually into the Grand Finals of the Competition. Points are rewarded right from the Application stage  for all activities including the application, auditions, online modules, mentoring sessions, social media quality, content creation, photography, attitude, team work, charity work, collaborations, challenges, community work, etc.

Every finalist gets to walk the runway during the Grand Finale.

The Finale runway is not for Runway models exclusively. Models from each category will be coached & trained for the runway. 

Some of the Categories may have specific requirements like an age limit, minimum height, etc. Most categories, however, are open to all. Please make sure you are picking the right category according to your interest, passion and strengths. Our team is happy to help you understand and make the right category choice. Please DM us and we will make sure one of us replies back immediately.

Please remember that you can change your category even after you progress to the Entrant stage. The Entrant Stage is the level after you are successful in the auditions. 

We do not believe that women in modelling, fashion and society should be categorised by their size at all. However, we do believe that we need to create opportunities for the unrepresented sections of the society. The Curve, Petite, Modest, Fitness and Street categories are classified under True Inclusiveness Section now. But they will still be able to compete in the main categories- Commercial/ Advertising, Runway/ Catwalk, Editorial/ Fashion and Social/ Influencers. There is no reason a Curve or Petite model shouldn’t walk a runway or shoot an editorial along with every other category model. True Inclusiveness is what the industry needs.

This ensures that each of the so-far-unrepresented categories not only have a group of their own, but also get to compete in the main sections of the competition.

You can skip the main category and pick a sub-category if you like, but that will mean you cannot compete and win in any of the categories. You will however be able to take part in all the activities. We encourage and strongly recommend picking a main category first and then selecting a sub-category. 

Also, not selecting a main category may lower your chances of making it to the next level throughout the program. 

Yes, we will be accepting models with tattoos. ASOTY is all about inclusiveness and diversity.

A tattoo is not going to make much of a difference these days especially if it is not on the face or the neck/ head area.

It definitely is a limitation still in commercial terms but the industry is changing.

You can chose a main competition Category and then select STREET as your Sub-Category when applying. You will be able to enter as a Street Model but apply under the main categories- Runway, Commercial, Editorial and Social ( Influencer ) depending on your interest and strengths.

The registration fee structure will remain the same across all countries. An equivalent of AU$100 needs to be paid online while completing the registration form. This fee is non-refundable. And helps the program cover a small part of its admin and operational expenses.

Please email us on requesting for “Entry Fee Sponsorship’ if you are not in a position to pay the Registration Fee. Please note that alignment with the ASOTY Vision and your 100% commitment is the foundation on which we approve any Fee Waiver.


The registrations for ASOTY 2024 are open. But the Schedule is not out yet. Please keep following the NEWS Section on our website for latest updates. You can also follow our Instagram page. 

All government and international guidelines will be adhered to while deciding on the Bali finals for ASOTY 2024.

You do not require any previous modelling experience to apply for ASOTY. Any experience is helpful but does not give you any extra points in the competition. Everyone starts with zero points when they apply irrespective of their previous modelling experience.

What truly matters is how you fill the application, how you answer each question there, how you write your bio, what your goals are, what you are posting on social media, what you are talking about on social media, is there an alignment with your goals and your direction, how you treat others, how you support other girls, how passionate you are about modelling and fashion and sustainability, how truly you believe in diversity and inclusiveness, how seriously you take the online sessions and all the mentoring, how you grow yourself and help others grow during this process, your future potential as a model, your motivation level and drive to change things around you and above all your willingness to learn and give everyday of yours a better shot.

The auditions for ASOTY 2023 are likely to happen online just like the last  season. Our team will also be visiting some cities for Meet & Greet sessions with the entrants. 


The Grand Finals for 2024 are most likely be held in Bali during January/ February 2024. 

Please stay updated by checking our NEWS section. 

The audition are divided into two sections. The Candidates will be required to send in a video answering a few questions. These questions are aimed at knowing more about you as a person, understanding your passion and goals and making sure you are aligned with our vision of a responsible, meaningful and purposeful world of modelling. These questions will be sent to each one of the candidates after the registrations are closed for the season and you will have two weeks to submit these videos.

You will also be required to include a short video showcasing your runway abilities.

We will then schedule the second part of the auditions through a Zoom call with candidates who are successful in the first part of the auditions.

If you are already under a contract with an agency, you don’t need to sign up with us. 

If you don’t have an agency, the initial contract with ASOTY which is part of the application, will be for a duration of one year starting from the day you qualify into the finals of the program ( or earlier, if mutually agreed ).

Most or all of the auditions are likely to happen via Zoom calls this year. In case you miss an on-ground audition, you will be able to send in a video recording too replying to some of the questions that the team will email you in such circumstances. 


Australian Super Model of the Year ( ASOTY ) is a fashion-focused, learning and mentoring program that aims to educate and represent models/ creatives/ influencers of diverse beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, interests, shapes and sizes. Australia represents this diversity naturally with people from all over the world living here, and calling it home. Starting this season, we will be extending this Australian inclusive platform to models and creative talent from other nations and cultures too. And that is the idea behind opening the program gradually to talent from other countries. We are including Indonesia & Russia this year. And of course, New Zealand. The goal at ASOTY is not as much to identify the most beautiful girl, but to educate and communicate that everyone is beautiful. There is a Supermodel in each one of us. And we aim to help everyone of you discover the Supermodel within. 

The theme for last year was ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am enough’. We are initiating our journey towards true sustainability this year. And “I am forever” is going to anchor us through this season. 

We represent beauty within. And not just outside. ‘Role Modelling’ and responsible  ‘Activism’ is probably the best way to describe our vision for the future.

There are 7 steps ( 4 Stages ) to winning the Diamond of the Year title. And all these are explained in our HOW IT WORKS Section. If chosen as a finalist, you will join 29 other selected finalists to take part in the Grand Final Program in Bali, Indonesia. During your time on the Island of Gods, you will interact & learn from experts in the business of fashion & modelling, shoot with our partner brands & international photographers, participate in educational workshops, experience the Balinese culture, compete in the ASOTY Fashion Week & create memories/ friendships that will last a lifetime. We aim to help you gain a new perspective of the fashion and creative industry that will help you further your career as a model and/ or influencer.


The ASOTY experience is worth thousands of dollars once you get selected for the finals. The learnings from ASOTY can help you gain a new confidence, understand the industry better, plan your modelling or creative career wisely, interact and network with some amazing industry professionals, collaborate with some iconic labels, meet amazing people from other parts of the world, make new friends, and of course, you may get to travel to Bali. Please go through the Terms and Conditions when applying for the Program for the Prizes that can be won in addition to all the amazing learning, mentoring, collaborative and work opportunities during and after the program.

The Grand Finale will consist of  three rounds.

  • A denim collection designed by our Vision Director & Fashion Director, Kalim Kalim
  • A Resortwear Collection
  • An active wear collection

We are also proud to announce that we are looking at adding two more rounds during the 2023 Grand Finale. 

In 2023, ASOTY will become the first and only beauty pageant to ever feature Sustainable Fashion rounds during the Grand Finals. All the finalists will be required to bring two outfits for the Sustainability rounds. 

  1. An outfit recycled, repurposed or re-used. This could be from your existing wardrobe, something passed on from your Mother or Grandmother, or from a thrift shop, etc. 
  2. An outfit from a local designer or start-up in your city/ town. This is part of our Supporting Local Businesses initiative. 

You will also need to carry some dresses, basic clothing, heels, shoes, make-up and a model kit with you for everyday activities. Instructions will be sent to all the finalists once selected. 

Accommodation and meals will be arranged for all finalists. Flight tickets will be arranged only for “Sponsored Contestants’. 

We have a Sponsorship Programme in place for limited number of contestants who qualify for the Finals but are not able to find a sponsor. Please contact the ASOTY team on after the auditions.

We have a Sponsorship Programme* in place supported by our vision partners @worldofjass. These are limited sponsorships for entrants who are exceptional but unable to find any sponsors for various reasons ( for example, busy school schedules, living in small towns, etc ). We do however require every finalist to try and secure at least one brand partner before they can decide that they need a WOJ Sponsorship to support their ASOTY journey. Securing a sponsor will also speak volumes about your passion, planning, drive, understanding business, networking and communication skills which are going to be vital in your modelling and creative career. Our team will be able to guide you in identifying & approaching sponsors.




You need a minimum of  1 gold or 2 silver sponsors once you qualify to the 3rd stage of the competition. You cannot add any more sponsors until you qualify to the 4th stage. 

There is no cost other than the $100 non-refundable application/ registration fee. All activities including the auditions, workshops, online mentoring sessions, learning modules will be paid for by the organisers. The Grand Finals in Bali too will be organised by the Organisers. Please read the Terms & Conditions of the Program carefully before submitting your application. You will need to secure a minimum of one Silver Sponsor or 2 Gold Sponsors to stay in the running and make it to the finals. 

It is important that you understand the vision and mission of ASOTY. Learning, understanding and implementing core ASOTY values of true diversity, true inclusiveness and most of all, responsible modelling, are the best practices you can adopt to be successful in this journey.

Understanding the point system and completing all assignments on time is the key to progressing through various stages of ASOTY. You will learn more about it in the orientation sessions. 

A basic outfit that is used for casting is sufficient. A fitted denim or a pair of shorts, a fitted top and heels or boots would do.

You can also bring a formal or evening dress for photo opportunities if the auditions happen on-ground in your city.

Auditions are most likely to happen online this year. So you might just need a smart outfit which could be whatever you are comfortable with- a pair of jeans and your favourite top, your favourite dress, your favourite hoodie, anything. Just make sure you present yourself in the best possible way as if attending an interview for a beauty or fashion company. 

Having made it to the finals is a great achievement in itself. The mentoring and learning program is worth thousands of dollars.

We also have loads of gifts and gift vouchers for all finalists sponsored by our vision partners and sponsors. You will be taking home some cool ASOTY 2020 merchandise. And there are many more prizes for those who support the vision partners and their individual brand partners the best.  The winners get Paid Contracts to work with ASOTY partners and other brands. 

We have had challenges with prize distribution in the past. But we are working on making this as smooth as possible. The pandemic multiplied these problems as we couldn’t sell any of our merchandise this year.

Please remember that we are not funded or sponsored by a corporate. Most of the funding is internally generated. We also have some amazing Vision Partners who believe and support the ASOTY Vision. We have avoided bringing large corporates onboard in order to keep this platform focused on the ASOTY vision and the talent’s growth as much as possible, instead of making it all about advertising and promoting products and brands. 

The registrations for 2024 have already opened. The auditions are scheduled for July/ August 2023.

Please check the NEWS section for latest updates. 


Bella Fernandes from New South Wales won the ASOTY Diamond of the Year and the Australian Supermodel of the Year 2022 title earlier this year.