Australian Super Model of the Year ( ASOTY ) is a fashion focused beauty pageant that aims to represent women ( and men ) of diverse ethnicities and cultures. Australia represents this diversity naturally with people from all over the world living here and calling it home. We want to extend this inclusive platform to models and creative talent from other nations and cultures too. And that is the idea behind taking the event to other countries from our next season. We are including Indonesia and India this year. And of course, New Zealand. the goal is not as much to establish who is the most beautiful but to understand and communicate that everyone is beautiful.

The theme for this year is going to be ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am enough’. We want to represent beauty within. And not just outside.

The registration fee structure will remain the same across all countries. An equivalent of AU$ 100 needs to be paid online while completing the registration form. For details, please refer to the COMPETITION page of the official ASOTY website.

If chosen, you will join our 40 other selected finalists to take part in the Grand Final Event in Bali, Indonesia. During your time on the famous island, you will interact & learn from experts in the business of fashion & modeling, shoot with our partner brands & international photographers, participate in workshops, experience some once-in-a-lifetime kind of activities, compete in a Fashion Week ( awaiting confirmation ), experience the culture, visit some of the island’s iconic tourist destinations & create memories/ friendships that will last a lifetime. Above all, you will gain a new perspective of the fashion and modeling industry that will help you further your career in the fashion industry.

Please go through the Terms and Conditions on the official ASOTY website.

Yes. The initial contract will be for a duration of one year to be renewed for an additional 2 years on mutually agreed terms.

Models already under contract with other agencies as on the date of registration will only be represented in unrepresented countries.

For audition dates, please stay tuned to our instagram and facebook pages. We will be announcing the dates shortly. The finals are scheduled between the 23rd of January and the 4th of February.

The Grand Finale is scheduled for the 2nd of February. And will consist of a 1. Formal or Cocktail, 2. Resort & Swimwear, 3. Casual/ Street and a 4. Bridal round.

Accommodation and meals will be arranged for all finalists. Flight tickets will be arranged only for “Sponsored Contestants’. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions page on the official ASOTY website.

We have a Sponsorship Programme in place for limited number of contestants who qualify but are not able to find a sponsor. Please contact the ASOTY team on after the auditions.

A tattoo is not going to make a difference as long as it is not on the face or the neck/ head area. It definitely is a limitation still in commercial terms but the industry is changing. we will be accepting models with tattoos however. ASOTY is all about inclusiveness and diversity.

A basic outfit that is used for casting is sufficient. A fitted denim or a pair of shorts, a fitted top and heels or boots would do. You can also bring a formal dress and a bikini for photo opportunities if you like.
We can schedule Skype calls and get videos from approved entrants in case the auditions are not held in your city for any reason.

We have a Sponsorship programme in place supported by our vision partners @worldofjass
There are limited sponsorships for entrants who are exceptional but unable to find any sponsors for various reasons. We do however require every finalist to try and secure a brand partner before they can decide that they haven’t been able to find one ready to support them. Securing a sponsor will also speak volumes about your drive, understanding business, networking and communication skills which are going to be vital in the modelling career anyways.

Absolutely. Having made it to the finals is a great achievement and we have loads of gifts and gift vouchers for all finalists worth thousands of dollars sponsored by our vision partners and some sponsors. You will be taking home some cool ASOTY 2020 merchandise. And there are many more prizes for those who support the vision partners and their individual brand partners the best.

Absolutely. Signing up for ASOTY does not change your agency status in any way. Please speak to your agency and let us know if you have any questions.

ASOTY will only choose to represent you if you are not signed and only in countries you are not represented in. The contracts, however, will only be done after discussions and approval from your agency.