Country : Australia

Category : Runway


“If there’s one thing I am going to be, it’s myself.”

“Hi, my name is Violet and I have always lived on an Angus cattle farm in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. I’ve grown up riding horses and helping out on the farm, meaning that I’ve never been bored and always had dirt under my fingernails.”

“It feels like I live a few different lives, which I’ve learnt to juggle well in these last couple of years. I’m studying a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Anatomy and Immunology, which puts me on track to follow my passions and complete a Doctorate of Medicine.”

“When I’m not studying, I am working on my small business. I have always been a deeply creative person, and as a result found myself making and selling handmade jewellery inspired by Anime and Historical Fashion. I regularly attend conventions, cosplay as my favourite characters and run my own stand where I sell my creations.”

“There are so many more facets to my life, but if I listed them all I’d be here for hours. It has always been my dream to model, to be immersed in the fashion industry. I have always sewn and designed my own clothes, so being able to wear the creations of the designers I admire has always been a goal. I joined the ASOTY program after I realised what a life-changing, one in a million experience it was. I’m not the type of person to say no to an opportunity. My main goal with joining the program is to learn how to use my platform and voice for change, as I believe there’s so much potential in our generation for activism and progress. I also am looking forward to feeling a part of the sisterhood, making new friends and sharing experiences. So in order to be myself, grow my confidence and become a voice for change, I joined ASOTY.”

Violet Hall
Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023