Country : Russia

Category : Commercial


“My name is Sonia, I am 15 years old, I live in Russia. My hobby is sports, I devoted all my childhood to gymnastics. As a teenager, I started playing volleyball, and later basketball. I’ve been playing volleyball for 5 years now.”

“I’ve been modelling for a year and a half, I am thankful to my sister Alena who introduced me to my modelling school. She told me a lot about trips, about shows, about the opportunities to work on the stage. I was interested in it all, and I came to Julia’s first lesson at Clarence. I saw girls learn manners and gait. And now I understand that I made the right choice.”

“Now I am at a stage where I want to improve my qualities and realise my dreams in modelling thanks to the ASOTY program. My goals are to become better at what i do while I also learn from the girls from other countries. My dream is to walk on the runway and see the admiring faces of people and hear how they want to become like me. I want to inspire other girls to dream and make their dreams come true. I want to make this world a better place.”

“At school, I do my homework, answer in class, teachers often set me as an example to follow, and thus, looking at me, my classmates began to study better. When there is a person who is better than you, and you learn from her or him or him, you get better too. I have often experienced this in my life. Once I heard Bruce Lee say “Be Like Water My Freind”. I now try living my life like that every day, I wake up and remember this saying as I start my day.

“I want to make this world a better place to live. “

Sonia Cherepanova
Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023