Country : Russia

Category : Editorial


“I’m Aloyna Tichova, I am 15 years old, I’m from Russia and this is my first experience in ASOTY. I am fond of sports, drawing and dancing. Tennis is my life. My dream is to watch international tournaments in real life.”

“I love cats. I have two cats. That’s why I can’t look at abandoned pets on the street. I always try to help them, feed them, sometimes play with them.
I want to convey that kindness is a very important human trait. Kindness is the key to a truly happy life. People who are able to show kindness and compassion to others will always find true happiness because in this way they do better not only to the one to whom these feelings are manifested, but, most of all, to themselves. My goal is for people to understand that this world is not possible without kindness.”

Aloyna Tichova
Australian supermodel of the Year 2023