Country : Russia

Category : Runway


“I’m Alina, I’m 17 years old, currently in my senior year at school in Bratsk, Russia. I have joined Australian supermodel of the year because I believe in diversity, sustainability and responsibility in the modeling industry, I want to show how to be a model with a heart and use my voice to influence and inspire other people. I am very inspired by the diversity in models, trends, in the exclusivity of brands and designers, products that models advertise, in the variety of filming processes.
I would describe myself as an independent woman, my life does not depend on anyone or anything. Self-improvement is the engine of my life. I’m really passionate about saving the world, protecting the environment and I want to share my knowledge about what small things anyone can do to help. Goal in my life is the same with a meaning of it- it’s to become my best self. One year ago I joined a model school and now becoming my best self is directly related to the modeling industry. Being a model helps me on my way to become the best version of myself. Thanks to this, I have acquired new qualities, like: self confidence, optimism, purposefulness, which brings me closer to my goal.”
“If you want to be somebody, somebody really special, be yourself.”

Alina Zverkova
Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023