Entrant photo Entrant photo

Rhiannon W


Age: Almost 18
Height: 170
Waist: 63.5
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Red
Bust: 82
Hips: 82
Shoe size: 7
Eye colour: Hazel


Describe your personality

I am a bubbly and passionate young at heart girl. I love animals and to adventure outside! I make friends easily whilsy also being capable of forming professional relationships. Always ready to try something new and would never shy away from adventure!


What are your goals in life?

I hope to inspire many to not let social appearance barriers stop them from doing what they want, especially when modelling. I aim to have a positive influence on the younger generations aswell.


Previous modelling experience

I have been Agency signed with Tamblyn Models Australia and most of my work has been photographic. I have participated in a few runway events however. I have had full model training as well and am continuing to improve every day.