Entrant photo Entrant photo

Rebekah S


Age: 20
Height: 163
Waist: 65
Dress size: 6/8
Hair color: brunette
Bust: 87
Hips: 85
Shoe size: 6
Eye colour: blue


Describe your personality

Outgoing, bubbly, confident, loving, compassionate, I like putting others before myself. Sometimes doesn't get me places but thats me. I have a huge heart. I love getting dolled up and going out.


What are your goals in life?

Currently I am a Out School Hours Care Educator. I hope to finish this course and become an Out Of School Hours Care Director. I would also like to go back to UNI and become a Primary School Teacher.


Previous modelling experience

I've been contacted by Country Girl Management when I was 18 but didn't go through with it as I had an operation and couldn't make it.