Entrant photo Entrant photo

PJ v


Age: 26
Height: 186
Waist: 83
Dress size: M/L
Hair color: Black
Bust: 99
Hips: 97
Shoe size: 12
Eye colour: Dark Brown


Describe your personality

A tough question, I can be perceived differently by many. I am outgoing, fun, and enjoy social occasions. On the other hand, I am hardworking, driven and aim to achieve. I am a proud person and give respect to everyone equally. I believe that is the foundation on which good relationships are built.


What are your goals in life?

Where do I start. I am somebody who has high expectations of myself and aims to achieve at a high level in whatever I do. My goals are many, I aim to have multiple projects throughout my life that will naturally transition between one another. Ultimately, the major goal is to live a fulfilling life, to be happy and........


Previous modelling experience

I have done various modelling and acting work over the years ranging from photo shoots, ad campaigns to tv commercials and film.