Entrant photo Entrant photo

Nakita W


Age: 15
Height: 175
Waist: 72
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Brown
Bust: 87
Hips: 98
Shoe size: 9
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

Easy going,fun,bubbly and friendly


What are your goals in life?

To become well known international model.


Previous modelling experience

Modeling Experiences ⁃ Commercial shoot for Aniqa Australia March 2016 ⁃ Vanessa Leanda label launching runway show at Next Generation Kings Park April 2016 ⁃ Finalist WA's Girlfriend Priceline Model Search July 2016 ⁃ Volunteer for Open day Fashion show at Curtin University. July 31 ,2016 ⁃ First place Runway 13-14 year old category Pierrots Model search at Pamilia Hilton August 22,2016 ⁃ Albert Jalipot Label launching at Hamptons City Beach. November 1,2016 ⁃ Featuring in the West Australian for the Prettylittle labels event. November 23,2016 ⁃ White April and Cizzy Bridal look book. January 31,2017 ⁃ Wilbur Label launching at Next Generation Club ,Kings Park February 24,2017 ⁃ Vanessa Leanda new collection look book photo shoot. February 26 ,2017 ⁃ Nora and Elle Formal wear look book photo shoot. March 8,2017 ⁃ Angelo Street Fair,South Perth Runway Show. March 26,2017 ⁃ Cizzy bridal look book June 1,2017 ⁃ Kalgoorlie Fashion week 9-12 August,2017 ⁃ Couture Fashion Week New York 8-9 September,2017 ⁃ Little Italy by sea runway show 27-29 October 2017 ⁃ L’Oreal Color Trophy 31 October,2017 ⁃ Eco Fashion Week 26-27 November,2017 ⁃ Gets swimwear & Active wear look book January 2018 Bangkok , Thailand ⁃ Myrakoko t shirt Vdo look book January 2018 Bangkok,Thailand


Kalamunda Performers

We are very creative an innovative company, dedicated to providing a professional and fun environment for new and old students through the art of dance. There is a strong family feel to our company, with the parents, students and staff all contributing to the welcoming and warm atmosphere. With an array of dance styles on offer, our friendly and professional teachers are a step above the rest, always keeping up to date with the new styles and techniques that are on offer. Nobody makes learning to dance easier than Kalamunda Performers. Our motto “Dancing should be fun for everyone.”

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