Entrant photo Entrant photo

Melissa T


Age: 26
Height: 176
Waist: 74
Dress size: 10
Hair color: Blonde
Bust: 86
Hips: 104
Shoe size: 8
Eye colour: Blue


Describe your personality

The biggest element of my personality is that i constantly surprise people because i tend not to fit into the typical stereotypes people might assume i am. I would describe myself as a bubbly, happy, passionate, driven, friendly personality who has a tendency to care too much for the people around me in need and is always down for a laugh or an adventure.


What are your goals in life?

I'm a big goal orientated person so i have many goals small and large that i am constantly working my way toward achieving. Currently my long term goals are to play ice hockey for Australia, finish my University degree in Primary Education and Special needs and to save enough money to purchase my own home. My short term and life goals are to continue developing my modelling ventures, maintain a healthy physique for myself and to improve my social media outreach to be able to continue to inspire people to overcome their challenges in their time of need and aid them to live their own healthier and happier lifestyle by sharing my own experiences. I hope one day i will be in a position where i can provide help or assistance on a larger scale across a variety of areas to those around me and provide equality opportunities for people to achieve and participate in their field of interest where possible.


Previous modelling experience

I tend to dabble across a variety of modelling areas as i'm always excited to take part in new opportunities. 2012-Present: Promotional Model with Varied agencies. 2017-2018: Miss Smile Australia 2017- Miss Universe South Australian State Finalist 2017-Present: Freelance Photographic Model 2017- Present: Freelance experience on Television, Runway, Magazine and Blog publishing.