Entrant photo Entrant photo

Miranda C


Age: 14
Height: 175
Waist: 71
Dress size: 6
Hair color: BLONDE
Bust: 92
Hips: 88
Shoe size: 8-9
Eye colour: BLUE


Describe your personality

I am an Athlete and a Swimmer therefore I train with Coaches, I Listen and follow instructions. I am Energetic, Stable, Sensible, Classy, On Time and I am the middle child of 5. I am determined and I like to set goals and then strive to conquer. I am independent, capable and Love to Travel. NB - My braces come off early Feb2019


What are your goals in life?

In the beginning of 2018 I experienced Modelling for the first time and I discovered over these past 12mths that I would like to pursue a modelling Career. I love it. My goal in swimming is to continue making the Queensland Team and swim Nationally as I have for the past 5 years, I have developed into a better runner and race walker and want to continue this at State level. I play Netball too so would like to make the Capricornia Team.I want to life live, love my own company as well as the company of good friends.


Previous modelling experience

In March 2018 I attended Country Girl Management in Brisbane. I was 13 and i won the Junior section. CGM then came to Rockhampton in June- I enetered as a 14 yr old and I won the Senior division. In July I attended June Daly Watkins Modelling unit for 5 days. A lady from Bianca Spender store in DJ Brisbane City asked if I would like to model at their private show in Sept. I did this and from there a lady asked if i would volunteer model at the MultiCap Fashionable Event end of October. I did this. I will attend the National CGM Final on the Gold Coast on the 14th Dec-24th.