Entrant photo Entrant photo

Mark F


Age: 21
Height: 172
Waist: 72
Dress size: Small
Hair color: Black
Bust: 97.5
Hips: 80.05
Shoe size: 40
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

I would describe myself as energetic, insightful, and playful. I am energetic both outside of work and inside as I am always ready to get work done, I am insightful because I like to think hard about my work before getting started, and I am playful because I am always trying to find unique ways of making the most out of each and every situation and have fun with it.


What are your goals in life?

My current goal in life is to graduate my bachelor of Aviation degree and become either a international pilot or air force pilot. I also want to achieve the goal of potentially chasing down my dream of making a career out of my modelling.


Previous modelling experience

I have previous experience working with major companies like Myers and Universal Store for photo shoots and promotions. I have had past experiences modelling for other clothing brands on Instagram as well as supplements and dental products.