Entrant photo Entrant photo

Julianne H


Age: 19
Height: 182
Waist: 64
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Blinde
Bust: 78
Hips: 94
Shoe size: 9.5
Eye colour: Blue


Describe your personality

I am a bright bubbly and easy going young woman with a passion for neuroscience. I love being around and meeting new people, as well as being given challenges to overcome. Putting myself out there for new life experiences excites me


What are your goals in life?

My goals are to establish myself in a career around neuroscience as I am very passionate about it. The fashion/ modelling and acting industries are passions of mine also and if I could follow these through I know Inwould be incredibly happy, I hope to always have a path I can follow that will change me and to further develop myself


Previous modelling experience

I have been modelling since I was 13. I have done several pageants, however have taken more to the photographic side of the industry as I love being creative aka helping to make beautiful images to represent a lable and what they stand for. I’m currently a freelance model in Perth with an extensive portfolio