Entrant photo Entrant photo

Jade L


Age: 27
Height: 160
Waist: 68
Dress size: 6/8
Hair color: Light brown
Bust: 89
Hips: 93
Shoe size: 36euro /5.5-6us
Eye colour: Green


Describe your personality

I am the proverbial dog with a bone. I will always be tenacious in order to achieve anything that is important to me, or challenges me in life. I do not let the ‘cannot’s’ come into my vocabulary, or vision of where I want to be in life. I fight for my voice, the voice of others, and most of all I fight for love.


What are your goals in life?

As an educator in science I aspired to make a difference to the principal levels of research and education, playing a role in the forefront of medical discovery. Currently my position as a University Teaching Associate, of the Department of Physiology allows me to share my knowledge and amplify my passion for health. Inspiring the next doctors, researchers, paramedics and so on. Knowing that my labors of love is of value, and that I can make a difference on a global scale, is what brings most joy to me in life.


Previous modelling experience

2018 (tbc - October) Leather Cargo online catalog model (photography). 2018 (tbc - October) alternative rock music clip, acting role. 2018 Miss Grand Australia National Finalist. 2017 Miss World Australia Perliminary Finalist. 2017 roaming hair model for Melbourne RAW Exhibition. 2017 bridal gown model for the Atlantic Group’s Bridal Exhibition. 2017 & 2016 Grand Prix hostess and representative. 1998 Helene Abicair Modelling School Graduate.