Entrant photo Entrant photo

Erik V


Age: 25
Height: 180
Waist: 81
Dress size: M
Hair color: Light brown
Bust: 103
Hips: 91
Shoe size: 9,5
Eye colour: blue


Describe your personality

I've worn a lot of different hats. As a freelancer I've participated in film industry, theater, modelling, sport industry as a personal trainer, athlete, artist (painting, drawing, graffit) and military (Military Police). I'm extremely motivated, organized and disciplined and it's important to note, never had a dissatisfied employers. In reality Im known as the person who could do everything. No matter where I've been, I've been always dedicated to give all my 101 %. I like to work smart and hard.


What are your goals in life?

Self improvement in film industry & enjoy little things in life for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things


Previous modelling experience

2018- Film- 'Living Space', Actor- Sebastian, dir. Steven Spiel AUSTRALIA
2018- 'Bank'- Actor- Actor-Trader, dir. Jan Erik Nõgisto, Rainer Sarnet, Juhan Ulfsak & Marianne Kõrver ESTONIA
2018- TVseries- 'Trap', Actor- investigator Jaan, 8 episodes, dir.Indrek Simm ESTONIA
2017- 'Black Weather'- Actor- Pets, dir.Erik Sikk ESTONIA
2017- Film- 'Afgaan', Actor-lead role- Jan, dir. Eiko Kink,ESTONIA, Pre-production
2016- Film- 'Love at London Bridge', Actor-lead role- Anthony Lambello, dir. Katy Dai AUSTRALIA,
2016- Short film ' Anti Piracy', Actor-role-surgeon, dir.Nikunj Madaiah, AUSTRALIA
2016- Short film 'Cherry Red', Actor-role-Louis,dir.Mark Kobakian AUSTRALIA
2016- Short film 'To Love Some body', Actor-role-headwaiter, dir.Natalia Babenko, AUSTRALIA
2016- Short Film 'Child of Destiny', Actor-role- James, dir.Madeline Sheehan, AUSTRALIA
2016- Short Film 'Dancer', actor-bouncer, dir. John Balazs AUSTRALIA
2016- Short Film 'Black Level', lead role, dir.Lauri Kivipelto, ESTONIA
2016 - Film- 'Klassikokkutulek' (Eng.Class reunion), Actor role- young boy on bicycle, dir.René Vilbre, ESTONIA
2016- TV Show- 'Hot spot' ('Kuum Jälg') Episode 6, Actor-role- young chancellor, dir.Indrek Hargla, ESTONIA
2015- Short film- 'Priceless', Actor-role- bad boy,dir.Pawel Dyzio Wlazewicz, ESTONIA
2013- 2015- Web series- 'Heitlus', Actor-role- lead role- Madis Morgan, dir.writer- Bionika Erm, ESTONIA
2014- TV Show- 'Secrets' (Est-' Saladused') Season 8, part 29, Actor-role-boyfriend, Producer- Tuuli Roosma, ESTONIA

2018- Thinkbone/Wellcome Education first, actor- student, dir. Jennifer Wells-ScherrernWORLDWIDE
2018- 'Hyundai GMS18', actor-bedroom guy, dir. Märten Lindsjö, Chimney production company, WORLDWIDE
2018- 'RSEA safety & Eleven workwear Board shorts, actor-main hero dir.&producer Matt Maule, AUSTRALIA
2018- ‘Holden Enquiox’ , actor- lead male, dir.Tom Spark, WORLDWIDE
2018- ‘Pacifico Optical & Man Of Many’ – actor-lead male,dir. Alain Guglielmino,AUSTRALIA
2018- ‘Best of enemies ACY’ , actor- lead, dir. Elita Guo, AUSTRALIA/CHINA
2018- ‘ Pulse Secure Corporate video 2018’ , actor-feature extra, dir.Craig Chapman, AUSTRALIA
2018- Nestle ‘Pronourish’ TVC, actor-feature extra, dir.Jamie Lawrence, AUSTRALIA
2017- ‘Elisa’ 2017 christmas campaign- Actor- santa, Producer- Triin Ahonen,ESTONIA
2017- ‘Denim Dream’ 2017 christmas campaign- actor, ESTONIA
2017- 'Nokia'- Actor-lead man, dir.Toni Lähde, FINLAND/SWEDEN
2017- 'InBank/ Titanic'- Actor-Jack Dawson, dir.Mart Metsma,ESTONIA
2017- 'SONY headphones'- Actor-second main hero, WORLDWIDE
2017- 'BigBank'- Actor- Lover, dir.Peeter, ESTONIA
2017- 'Fruit Spin', Actor-banana, dir.Henrik Visuri,FINLAND
2017- 'Kolikkopelit'-The Lady, Actor- Pilot, dir. Jappe, ESTONIA
2017- 'McDonnel Curry Sauce', Actor- servant, dir. Chris Cottam, IRELAND/ENGLAND
2017- Starman, Actor-map reader, ESTONIA
2016- Quad Lock for iphone, Actor- lead, dir. Andy Wallace, AUSTRALIA
2016- Endorser phone application- Actor-lead man, dir. Dan Gray, AUSTRALIA
2016- Charlies phone cases- Actor-lead man, dir. Lily Yap, AUSTRALIA, USA
2016- Battle Digits- web commercial, actor-Joe, dir. Aly Whitmore, AUSTRALIA
2016- The epic guitar solo challenge, actor-role- playing guitar, dir. David Loader, AUSTRALIA
2016- JG King Brand TVC, actor-role-Friend, dir. Chris Benz,AUSTRALIA
2016- How to make water?, Actor-role- office guy, dir. Johannes Strabner, ESTONIA
2015- Dreamer Late Harvest Shiraz, Actor-role-lead role, dir. Peeter Nieler, ESTONIA
2015- Rimi moemaja, Actor-role- model, dir. Alvar Jaakson/Leslie Laasner, ESTONIA
2014- Tallink Suvi 'Leia oma päikseline pool' Est 30, Actor-role-lead role,ESTONIA/FINLAND
2014- Starman ZuumTV, Actor-role-lead role, dir. Martti Helde, ESTONIA
2013- KeepCup- Feel Good- Do good, Actor-role-cafe visitor, dir.Vladislav Mukovnin, ESTONIA
2012- ZEN TVC, Actor-role-young boy, ESTONIA

2018- Dean Lewis- Chemicals, actor-2nd lead male, dir. Mick Jones, AUSTRALIA
2017- Trubetskoy, Actor-nerd, dir. Hindrek 'Masa' Maasik,RUSSIA
2016- Eldafyre- Where connection bonds, Actor-band member, playing trumpet, dir. Joseph Russel, AUSTRALIA
2016- Brendan Maclean- Never enough, Actor-role-lead male, dir. Josh Harris, AUSTRALIA
2016- The Northeast Party House-For You, Actor-role- Noah, dir.Michael Beets,AUSTRALIA
2016- Della Harris- Just a number, Actor-role- guy in the cafe, dir. Cassie Dart AUSTRALIA
2016- Janne Saar- Meeting The Wolf, Actor-role-lead role, dir. Tanel Toom, ESTONIA
2015- Banderos- give me five (Russia), Actor-role- friend, dir.Hindrek 'masa' Maasik, RUSSIA
2014- Ingmar Päid & Plingers- Meeletuste meelitus, Actor-role-lead role, dir. Harry Kõrvits, ESTONIA
2014- Vesper Leand- Clay, Actor-role-lead role, dir.Maxim Filatov, ESTONIA
2013- Dimitry Malikov- I miss you so much, actor-lead male, dir.Hindrek Maasik, ESTONIA