Entrant photo Entrant photo

Emily G


Age: 14
Height: 167
Waist: 67
Dress size: 6/8
Hair color: Blonde
Bust: 82
Hips: 82
Shoe size: 8
Eye colour: Blue/Green


Describe your personality

"I am passionate, creative and fun, but I am also grounded, intelligent and dedicated to succeeding in everything I do. I am professional in all my modelling, always eager to learn and always supporting others.


What are your goals in life?

I am passionate about modelling, photography, fashion, fitness and travel, experiencing new places, and it is my goal to combine all the things I love into a career.


Previous modelling experience

I have previously done modelling boot camp training through a local modelling agency as well as through Brooke Lee Modelling Agency MacKay. I am currently with Elite Avenue Modelling Agency for Catwalk & Photoshoot training and doing work as a Brand Ambassador for CQ Businesses. I volunteer doing catwalk & photoshoots in local events whenever I can.