Entrant photo Entrant photo

Ellirah W


Age: 14
Height: 172
Waist: 70
Dress size: 8-10
Hair color: Light brown
Bust: 86
Hips: 82
Shoe size: 9/10
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

I am kind and generous. I enjoy helping others and volunteer in my community. I love a good laugh. I am determined, an organiser and enjoy new experiences and learning new things.


What are your goals in life?

To support those less fortunate, meet new people, travel and have fun. I want to volunteer overseas one day for children. I want to live a happy healthy lifestyle and role model that doing good for others means feeling good for me, and to protect our oceans and beautiful environment.


Previous modelling experience

Runners up in a runway competition in 2012, advanced modelling course through Azalea Models 2017, Signed to Tanya Powell Adelaide, collaboration with a number of local photographers, online advertising campaign for Summer Dayz Holiday Rental, a number of international print publications in children's fashion magazines.