Entrant photo Entrant photo

Edoardo L


Age: 21
Height: 187
Waist: 80
Dress size: 38R
Hair color: Dark Brown
Bust: 97
Hips: 101
Shoe size: 10.5
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

I consider myself as a friendly and genuine person always ready to learn new things and improve myself .


What are your goals in life?

Be able to be successful as a model and travel the world thanks to it getting as many life experiences as I can . Also a music lover and musician since I was a kid . Being able to make music as well is one of my life goals . As a cocktail maker I have deep interest in the hospitality business.


Previous modelling experience

Photo shoots with different photographers to build up my portfolio and to practice with test shoots . Photo shoot for the Advertiser news . Played as a villain in a Chinese tv series called Speed . Photo shoot for a popular clothes shop called Scout in Italy during my last trip over there . Few parades for my mother agency Powell Models during the graduation night. Parade for different events like the Polo.