Entrant photo Entrant photo

Claire W


Age: 22
Height: 173.5
Waist: 66
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Blonde
Bust: 87.5
Hips: 97
Shoe size: 9
Eye colour: Blue


Describe your personality

I'm an outgoing individual who is always up for a new adventure. I love anything that gets my adrenaline rushing, be it bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving or just about anything! I feel most at peace when outdoors, and grew up spending a lot of time in the African Bushveld. This has introduced a passion for animal conservation and a desire to make a positive impact on this world. I love spending time meeting new people and finding myself on new adventures though despite this I enjoy time spent alone to recharge and relax.


What are your goals in life?

When I think about my goals in life, I think about how I may feel on my deathbed. I want to look back on my life and know that I had a positive impact on many lives. As said before I have a passion for animal conservation and I would like to do more for these animals throughout my life. I want to see this world, and while doing so I want to make an impact on the place I visit through volunteer work. I hold these goals in extreme high regards, but I also hope for success in my chosen career. I am a driven individual, and I aim to work hard to make something of myself.


Previous modelling experience

Before signing with my agency in October last year, I completed a 12 week modelling course which gave me a deeper understanding of the industry and what is expected from me. Prior to this I worked freelance for various friends who were building their portfolios in photography and fashion design.