Entrant photo Entrant photo

Chloe M


Age: 18
Height: 166
Waist: 70
Dress size: 6-8
Hair color: Ombré (dark brown to ash blonde)
Bust: 73
Hips: 88
Shoe size: 6
Eye colour: Hazel


Describe your personality

Bubbly, fun, caring and outgoing


What are your goals in life?

To use my modeling in ways that matter for society. Focusing on issues In young teens Previously have done 3 photoshoots for newspaper articles for the issues of domestic violence, anti-bullying and anxiety and depression in young teens And to finish my bachelor of education of early childhood education and care


Previous modelling experience

4 years at Brooke lee Modeling and deportment school (2012-2016) 1 yr with Elite Avenue Mackay (2017)