Entrant photo Entrant photo

Charlotte S

Gold Coast

Age: 17
Height: 177
Waist: 65
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Light Brown/Blonde
Bust: 79
Hips: 83
Shoe size: 9
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

I am very down to earth and enjoy the simple aspects of life. I like to view the world through a range of perspectives while being loyal, considerate and ambitious. I believe i am passionate and dedicated and thrive off the ability to work hard and achieve great things.


What are your goals in life?

To be successful and happy with whatever i desire to achieve in life. I wish to be well travelled and use those experiences, skills and different perspectives to shape the person i am and the path i wish to take in life.


Previous modelling experience

New to the modelling industry, while currently living in a small town there are limited opportunities. Few shoots and events for local photographers and brands.