Entrant photo Entrant photo

Carla F

Gold Coast

Age: 26
Height: 171
Waist: 72
Dress size: 8-10/S
Hair color: Brown balliage
Bust: 92
Hips: 94
Shoe size: 8-9
Eye colour: Brown


Describe your personality

Bubbly and outgoing, fun loving, energetic and passionate about health and fitness. I like to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself to exceed my own expectations. If we live in fear, we will never know what was truly possible.


What are your goals in life?

To Experience all life has to offer, to travel, to meet people, to expand my knowledge of different lifestyles, cultures, careers and challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. I also want to help educate and empower others to change their mindset and approach to enable them to live their dream lives.


Previous modelling experience

Competed in ICN QLD titles and World championship 2018. One photo shoot with Mike Brooke.