Entrant photo Entrant photo

Caitlan F


Age: 20
Height: 174
Waist: 62
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Auburn
Bust: 84
Hips: 84
Shoe size: 9
Eye colour: Green


Describe your personality

I'm Caity, I am an outgoing and ambitious individual who loves meeting new people and striving for my best. People who know me would best describe me as a happy, fun girl with a bubbly and empathetic personality. I currently live in Adelaide in hopes to move to Melbourne in the near future, the fashion capital of Australia. I have always been passionate about fashion which has lead me to my recent employment working for Kookai. I'm also employed and love promotion work with Mango Promotions and currently signed with Pride Models. With my extensive 3 years in retail, it has definitely brought out my confidence and made me outgoing, easy to talk to talk which has worked perfectly for promotion work and continuing to grow my modeling journey.


What are your goals in life?

Other than striving to be a high, elite model who hopes to travel the world for my job, my first big achievement in my life was being accepted into university after high school in 2016 doing what I loved most which is Fashion Design. After 10 months of the fast passed and high work load at uni, as an 18 year old trying to find herself unfortunately the study life wasn't meant for me at the time. So, I went on to work full time in retail and gain some well deserved life knowledge along the way. After 2 years, I had never thought I'd be in this incredible position in my life surrounded by talented, inspiring people and given amazing experiences I'd never imagine from modelling while making great connections along the way. I am happy to say my goals at the moment is to become a model seen in fashion week and a fashion designer. It shows that since I have grown greatly, matured and found a place in this big world, my endless passion for creativity within fashion has never left me. My goals are endless within fashion, bringing my own personal strength and style could lead one day achieving and building my own successful label and working along side people who inspire me. I feel most happy modelling and wish it to pursue greatly with hard work and dedication.


Previous modelling experience

Highlights ** Tanya Powell 12 week course - 2013 Tanya Powell 12 week advanced course - 2014 Rundle Mall Fashion show (Tanya Powell) - 2015 Hair and Beauty SA Awards - 2017 (First place Bridal hair and makeup) Hair and Beauty SA Awards - 2018 (First place Bridal hair) Mango Promotions - 2018 Ambereyes portrait images - 2018 (ambereyesimagery) Instagram Signed Pride models - 2018