Entrant photo Entrant photo

Ashley L


Age: 20
Height: 164
Waist: 71
Dress size: 6
Hair color: brown and blonde
Bust: 83
Hips: 80
Shoe size: 8
Eye colour: brown


Describe your personality

I'm really friendly and bubbly, I know how to have a laugh and I'm always joking around trying to make people laugh. I care a lot for other people and their feelings, I always make sure everyone is okay. Being a really tidy person is important to me and I hate mess! hahaha I love personal presentation, always have to look stylish but I also love my trackies and uggboots!! I love going on adventures and exploring new foods and places. I have realised now to not care what people think of you and to just be yourself and live life how I want to live it, if that's dying your hair a crazy colour or going somewhere spontaneous or wearing something different, then I am up for it.


What are your goals in life?

My goals in life is to be successful and have a unforgettable life, because you only have one life so may as well live it to the fullest. When I am retired I want to look back and see all the goals I have achieved and amazing things I have done and the places I have travelled, there the memories I'll cherish.


Previous modelling experience

I haven't had any modelling experience but my mum is a photographer and she takes "model shots" of me every now and then, I sure do love the camera and I'm very photogenic and into social media, I have to keep my instagram feed with frequent photos and always stopping somewhere with a nice backdrop to get that "instagram shot"