Entrant photo Entrant photo

Ashley G

Gold Coast

Age: 22
Height: 170
Waist: 64
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Light brown/blonde
Bust: 86
Hips: 89
Shoe size: 9.5
Eye colour: Blue


Describe your personality

I am regarded as friendly, funny, easy to get along with, modest and kind hearted. I consider myself down-to-earth and genuine, and like to live life my way rather than fit into a false ideal.


What are your goals in life?

I love modelling as a casual interest. Despite this being my interest, I take modelling very seriously as I use it as something to bring me joy, self-confidence and self-development. I am passionate and hard working, I'm currently working hard in the horticulture industry to keep developing my skills and climb the ladder.


Previous modelling experience

Published as a gown model in Goulburn Valley Bride and Groom Magazine: 2016 Model for Tanya Powell Modelling Agency Melbourne: 2015 Model for Shepparton Bridal Expo: 2015 Model for Echuca Bridal Expo: 2017 Private photography with Bruce McKean, David Stradling, Gazi Photography,