Entrant photo Entrant photo

Amy C


Age: 21
Height: 168.5
Waist: 66
Dress size: 6-8
Hair color: Brown/Blonde
Bust: 78.5
Hips: 85
Shoe size: 9-9.5
Eye colour: Green/Blue


Describe your personality

I'm a bright and bubbly girl who always finds a reason to smile. I am passionate and driven. I love to help people in anyway I can to find a reason for them to smile. Just a pretty laid back, social Aussie girl who loves to chase the sunshine.


What are your goals in life?

To be happy. Obviously to be successful would be extremely ideal but as long as I'm always doing the things I love day in and day out, I'm achieving my goals. I want a career in the entertainment industry and have been performing on stage since I was a little girl as well as doing film and television and working for Disney.


Previous modelling experience

I did a modelling course at Tanya Powell Model Agency, I've done lots of freelance work with international photographers, catwalk and walked for Redken in 2016.