How does this work?

Step 1 - Registration


Register on our site and pay your registration fee of 82 AUD. You will need to upload some basic information and your headshot, bodyshot, plus your current measurements, including: height, bust, waist, hips (in centimeters), dress size, shoe size. We will also ask you some questions regarding your personality and any previous experience (if any). Please take your time with this as it will be used to decide on your approval for the next level of the competition and to create your online profile on our site, if you are successful! Registrations are taken until the end of October 2017. Don’t miss your chance!

Step 2 - Online Mentorship

Model Girl

If you’re accepted through the registration stage, you will be invited to attend an audition in your closest capital city. Before attending your audition you will gain access to an online mentorship program so that you can prepare yourself for your audition. We’ll talk you through all the skills you’ll need to build yourself a successful career as a model, such as tips & tricks for diet and exercise, social media awareness & how to manage yours, how to successfully gain attention in the media, self-love & confidence building techniques, ideas for collaborating with brands and photographers, fashion styling, how to perfect your catwalk.. & so much more!

Step 3 - Local Audition

Model Girls

Now it’s time to attend your audition in your closest capital city (planned locations: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Launceston and Darwin). It’s possible that locations will change depending on number of local entrants. These auditions will be an opportunity for our judges to get to know you better, understand your goals, your hobbies and style & what makes you, you! You’ll take part in a mini shoot & showcase your runway abilities.

Step 4 - Grand Final

Model Man

After local auditions, our chosen finalists will be informed and formally invited to the National Final. If chosen, you will join our 20 other selected finalists from around the country, to take part in our Grand Final Event in Bali, Indonesia. During your time on the famous island, you will shoot with cool brands & photographers, participate in once-in-a-lifetime challenges and activities, compete in a runway show, visit the islands iconic tourist destinations & create memories that will last a lifetime.



The Australian Supermodel of the Year annual competition is organized by Australian Supermodel Of The Year, PO. Box 21 Hove South Australia, Australia 5048,  in cooperation with Supermodel of The Year Worldwide.

Check the Australian Super Model of the Year terms & services conditions HERE