Hundreds of applications. Q&A Sessions. And weeks of Zoom Calls later, we have the finalists of the Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023 Program. We are extremely grateful to all the applicants who have been very supportive and understanding throughout this long process. Just because someone didn’t make it to the finals of this season, does not in any way mean that they were any less talented or any less beautiful. Our core belief is based on the fact that everyone is beautiful. And that is the reason Asoty aims to help every girl discover the beauty within rather than seeking outside validation or approval.

Here is the list of the finalists who will go through the online learning and mentoring program before joining us in Bali for the Grand Finals. A few more names might get added as we are waiting on the Vaccination Status Confirmation from them.

Alina Zverkova

Aloyna Tichova

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Avrora Chernykh

Chelsea Oliver

Elizaveta Shadrina

Gigi Hubber

Holly Sherman

Jennifer Zeid

Keeley Foster

Kidist Begashaw

Kira Kaspranova

Kristina Shevchenko

Mackenzie McCauley

Milana Shchetkina

Natalia Duffy

Polina Chaban

Salma Belina

Sonia Cherepanova

Sophie Hillier

Tayah Pearson

Violet Hall


We are launching two new programs this year. The first program is more or less going back to the pre-pandemic format. Registrations, auditions, selections and

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NEWS News REGISTER YOUR INTEREST The applications for the 2024 Australian Supermodel of the Year Program are not open yet. Please register your interest and

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