What is involved in the Australian Supermodel of the Year auditions?

The Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023 audition is divided into two parts.

Part One: 
The successful applicants will receive the guidelines through email for completing the first part of the auditions. A set of questions that helps us understand your interests and goals needs to be answered within 7 days of receiving the Auditions Guidelines. 

Part Two: 
This will be held through Zoom Calls after completing the Part One. This helps our team know more about the candidates and also gives the candidate an opportunity to know more about the program. Candidates can ask questions that they may have about the competition.


We are launching two new programs this year. The first program is more or less going back to the pre-pandemic format. Registrations, auditions, selections and

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NEWS News REGISTER YOUR INTEREST The applications for the 2024 Australian Supermodel of the Year Program are not open yet. Please register your interest and

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