The revised ASOTY 2021 Calendar is as follows:

Registrations : Closed
30th May

Auditions : Completed on 19th of June

Announcement of Entrants
Successful applicants emailed already

Online mentoring & Learning from
July 11th

Announcement of Finalists
August 22nd

Grand Finals
Sep 21-Sep 30th

Grand Finale
2nd October

* All programs, events and activities are subject to Government regulations, World Health Organisation Guidelines and travel conditions in general  due to the Covid19 pandemic and its social and economic impact. Please note that the Covid19 situation might seem in control in some countries, but it is still killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world. We are watching the situation in Indonesia and are hoping that everything will return to normalcy and safety for us to hold the Grand Finals in Bali. The Grand Finals might get either postponed to late January or cancelled depending on the situation.

2023 Program Update

We are launching two new programs this year. The first program is more or less going back to the pre-pandemic format. Registrations, auditions, selections and

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NEWS Updated on 28th of July ‘2022 The 2023 Grand Finale will consist of a total of 5 rounds. A denim collection designed by our

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