ASOTY 2021

Laina E



Welcome to the Level Two of the ASOTY 2021 Program. Your application was approved, along with 74 other applicants from Australia and other countries, out of hundreds of registrations that we received this season. Congratulations again!

The audition this year is divided into two parts. The first part of the audition can be completed at your end before the Online Zoom call. The Zoom call is the second part of the auditions. Please go through the information below to understand and prepare better for the auditions. 

As always, you can reach us through a DM or email us on [email protected] anytime if you have any questions. 

Be yourself. Speak your mind. We are not looking for perfection. We are looking for authenticity and originality. We are looking for powerful ideas and sparks of activism with a bigger purpose. We are looking for girls who can support and build one another. We are looking for True Supporters. 

You are a diamond. And with the right guidance and mentoring, you can light up this world.

Keep shining. 

All candidates who pass the auditions will qualify to the next stage of “Online Mentoring and Learning” by ASOTY Team & Industry Experts. There will be a total of 12 Workshops and Learning Sessions, mostly on sundays/ weekends. 


Part One


Please send us a short video of your runway walk. This can be shot at home with your mobile phone. You can take help from family or use a tripod to record your catwalk. Please use a plain wall or a garage door as your backdrop. Avoid shooting in places where there are a lot of things around like furniture, wall hangings,  etc. 


  • When you walk, please look straight ahead. Try and keep your lips slightly open so that your face doesn’t look tense.
  • As you walk, try to relax your arms. Keep your hands by your side with your fingers loosely curled and move the arms with slight movement to the rhythm of your walk. Avoid swinging your arms.
  • As you walk on the runway you must take larger steps than your usual walk which turns the walk into the strut.
  • When you get to the end of the runway, pause so the ( imaginary ) photographer  can capture those vital images.
  • Do not look, smile or communicate with the audience or photographers at any stage. 
  • If you want to try a high fashion walk, push your hips slightly forward and straighten your shoulders backwards. This will naturally result in your arms falling behind your body and they can slightly swing side to side, not past your body.

Q & A

You will need to answer the following questions, record your answers and submit these videos to us. 

  1. Please introduce yourself. We would like to know your name, your age, your city, your country, your favourite colour, your favourite cuisine, your favourite fashion brand and a little about your family, friends and your town/ or city.  And a fun fact please. 
  2. We understand that most girls have the dream of walking for their favourite designers, travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. What is the purpose of your desire to model other than these dreams? We want to understand your passion towards people and our planet. If you can answer this question without making it all about you, that will help us greatly.
  3. The modelling industry is a very competitive ( sometimes harsh and unkind ) one with millions of girls around the world growing up with a dream of making it to international runways and campaigns. What will you do in order to spread positivity, respect, love and kindness towards other girls in the competition, girls in your school or college or city, girls in the industry and women in general, to create a feeling of genuine support and sisterhood?
  4. Tell us about a typical day in your life. This video can be longer if required. Please try to include as many activities as possible without going into too much of details about each one of them. We just want to understand what you fill your day with.
  5. Please tell us what do you think about gratitude as an attitude.

You can send the Runway video and all the answers to the above questions in separate files to [email protected] or you can use file sharing websites like or to send larger files easily. 

If you prefer using Google Drive, please don’t forget to provide access to [email protected] and [email protected] when sharing your videos. 

Part Two


Please use the link below to book your online audition with the ASOTY Team. Each audition can last between 15 to 25 minutes. You can select a day and time convenient to you from the options provided. Please note that if any days or timings are missing, or you are not able to click on those, it means those time slots are already booked and not available anymore. Or those timings are reserved for other regions. 


Please record all videos in Vertical crop if possible,  like you  use your phone to go live/ or for IGTV. You don’t have to edit or add any details on the videos. You may colour correct them if you like but please do not use any filters. 

Keep your phone/ camera close to you so the audio is recorded well. We don’t need to see you full length. Shoulder-up will do.  This will help you in being audible and clear in the video. Plain and uncluttered backgrounds like walls, doors or screens are preferred. 

The auditions are happening online in two parts.

For the runway/ catwalk video, we advise to wear a pair of jeans and a fitted top ( preferably in dark or black outfits if your backdrop is light, and lighter outfits if your backdrop is darker ). You could use the same for recording your videos or change into anything that you are comfortable with. 

For the Zoom Call, we advise to wear something that truly represents you as a model. What would you wear if you were attending a job interview for a fashion brand? Try something like that. But if a hoodie does it for you, go for it. 

We advise to use minimal makeup for a natural look while recording the videos.

During the online auditions, it is completely your choice. 

The auditions are being held online through videos and Zoom calls. Please keep a diary and a pen handy in case you need to write anything down. Other than that, you will not require anything.

Please make sure you close all apps or tabs on your mobile/ laptop before getting on the Zoom call. You may also select a place in your house where the internet works the best. 

It will also help if you request your family not to use any streaming/ netflix/ youtube videos during our Zoom call in order to have a better bandwidth to ensure clarity and better communication. 

No. It will not be required. The purpose of the Zoom call is to know you more as a person. And is aimed at a conversation with the ASOTY Crew. 

We do expect your runway/ catwalk videos to reach us at least 24 Hours before the scheduled Zoom Call. 

We always need the support and guidance of our parents. Supportive parents have a huge impact on our successful careers. We advise to keep your parents informed. 

For girls below 18, parental supervision is required. You don’t need your parents to be present during the audition, but they must be aware of the call. And be around if possible. 

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you can download the Zoom app. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link. You can also join a Test Meeting to familiarise yourself with Zoom if you haven’t used it previously.

Yes, you will need to send us 

  1. A video with your runway/ catwalk 
  2. A video or 5 different videos ( preferred ) answering the above questions. 

After we receive these videos, you will have to attend the Online Auditions via a Zoom Call.