Entrant photo Entrant photo

Brendon M


Age: 17
Height: 180 cm
Waist: 71 cm
Dress size: xs - s
Hair color: light brown
Bust: 84 cm
Hips: 71 cm
Shoe size: 9,5
Eye colour: blue


Describe your personality

I’m a passionate, hardworking and driven person who always throws himself into every opportunity possible primarily to just be involved. I’m driven by the ones inspiring me and to inspire and make proud new people and the people who believe in me. I’m also really passionate about music and I play the piano and do vocals.


What are your goals in life?

- To be able to speak Polish, French and German which I’m currently teaching myself. - To be able to travel the globe, whether it be through leisure or modelling. - To be able to walk for major lines and brands, hopefully in Europe. - And to be able to look back on life, be proud of my achievements and truly say that I was happy.


Previous modelling experience

Fashion parade for influencers church, paradise, modelling for surf dive and ski.


- portfolio shoot with the talented Johnny Giorgeou. - Hair shoot with Johnny Giorgeou. - Fashion parade held in the Barossa valley, walking for Siedana and Kalou models. - Fashion parade held at the Hotel Richmond, fashion first, brought together by Kalou Model Management. - Hair shoot with the BG’S Lounge for Gregson Astar.