Entrant photo Entrant photo

Aimee F

Gold Coast

Age: 22
Height: 175
Waist: 66
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Brown/blonde
Bust: 81
Hips: 86
Shoe size: 9
Eye colour: Green


Describe your personality

My favourite motto to live by is "don't worry be happy", so I guess that's a good start in describing my personality. I can come across as quiet when I first meet people which I think reflects my laidback nature. I am very inquisitive and tend to overcome this initial quietness by asking lots of questions. I love learning about people and am a strong believer in treating people exactly how I want to be treated. I am outgoing and love being around people. I am a glass half full kind of person and pride myself on my ability to stay intrinsically motivated, whether that's with uni work, exercise, modelling etc. I am quite often told that I am a very easy going person with a soft nature.


What are your goals in life?

At this stage, after finishing my Biomedical Science degree I would like to go into Medicine or cancer research. I am completing my certificate IV in Fitness and hope to open my own bootcamp to support myself throughout my studies by doing what I love. Like many, professional modelling has always been a childhood dream of mine and the satisfaction of moving towards that dream has given me so much strength. So I plan to pursue this dream as far as I can before commencing my post graduate studies.


Previous modelling experience

I first started runway/modelling training in August of this year but in the short 3 months I've walked in the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and Sedgwick's Boutique Melbourne Cup charity fashion parade. I was booked as an extra for an Australian TV series through my agency and have done two photo-shoots. Alongside that I have attended three castings both on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.